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A Gift With Many Returns Are you looking for a way to support Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) through a gift that gives back? If so, a gift annuity offers a way to support our work while receiving income for life. THE GIFT ANNUITY A gift annuity is a simple agreement between you and MSK. You make a gift of cash or securities, and in return, we agree to make fixed payments for life to you (and another person if you so choose). The fixed payment amount is determined by the age and number of beneficiaries. GIFT ANNUITIES PROVIDE: • Income for life. You receive fixed, lifetime payments that do not fluctuate with the stock market. • Tax benefits. A portion of your payments is income tax-free for your life expectancy, and you may also be eligible for an income tax charitable deduction. • A partnership with MSK. You can feel satisfied that your gift is supporting lifesaving cancer research, patient care, and education. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Q. Why are gift annuities so popular? A. This type of gift allows you to satisfy two objectives: to support our work and to provide an additional source of income to you. A majority of supporters establish additional gift annuities at MSK. Q. Who can receive payments from the gift annuity? A. You, the donor, can receive payments for your entire life. You can also add a second recipient. Many people select their spouse or partner, but you can After your lifetime, the remaining amount supports MSK cancer research and care. You qualify for an income tax deduction and receive income for life. You create a gift annuity with Memorial Sloan Kettering. Gift Annuity

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