Michigan Football Preview 2015

2015 Michigan Football Preview

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THE WOLVERINE 2015 FOOTBALL PREVIEW ■ 13 MICHIGAN FOOTBALL Former Michigan offensive lineman Doug Skene knows great offensive line play. He was one of the key cogs on one of the Wolverines' best lines of all time in 1992, a unit that was so nasty it literally made defensive opponents cry. The nastiness is one thing that's been missing for a few years, he noted. Not since the late 1990s has Skene seen a unit that takes pride in mauling peo- ple on the field. "I've seen guys out there that are effective and can play the game, but are there guys out there who have wanted to break your sprit and make you cry to your mom? No," Skene said. "There are guys who could have and can, though. That's what's frustrating. There are guys that look the part, but they execute their assignment, go back to the huddle and say, 'Okay, we're gonna run 47 base play here again, do this,' and then go over and get a drink of water." Learning to compete together is where the 2015 line needs to improve the most, he added. That starts with bonding off the field. "We just don't know that part … how much does this offensive line like each other?" he said. "How hard do they push each other, and who is going to take that group to the dark side? We don't know because we're not there. "Those questions are an- swered with daily life, whatever you're doing off campus, and we have no idea what that is. Are they sitting around check- ing their Facebook profiles or playing competitive games against each other? Are they away fishing or in their own lit- tle worlds where they immerse themselves in online video games or something?" Whatever they're doing, Skene said, they should be do- ing it together. "We used to sit around and play board games," he recalled. "Remember the game Life? We'd spin the wheel, play the game over and over talking [stuff] to each other. "Those are the things I think made our team special. 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