Michigan Football Preview 2015

2015 Michigan Football Preview

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THE WOLVERINE 2015 FOOTBALL PREVIEW ■ 61 QUARTERBACKS "His completion percentage needs to rise. Obviously, that comes with accuracy and knowledge. You have to understand who you're throwing to and what they can do best. I'd like to see that get better." Malzone would look amazing if he were in a high school spring practice in Texas or Florida, Fisch opined. "Instead, he was walking onto a college field, playing against guys four years older than him, rather than three years younger," he said. "The complexities of a new system, the complexities of an NFL system, thrown at him after just finishing se- nior ball with no real foundation, other than high school football? I think it was a great challenge for him, and he stepped up his game tremendously." Speight dealt with injury and illness in the spring, drawing an incomplete and not performing in the spring game. There are some obvious plusses, according to his new position coach. "Wilton is a big, strong, strapping dude," Fisch said. "He can see the whole field, and he made some throws that were touchdown opportunities that we like a lot. He did some things we're excited about." Gentry wasn't around in the spring, but he'll bring some undeni- able physical gifts to the quarterbacks room, according to the new boss. "All I'm aware of with Zach is what I saw in January," Fisch said. "He's a huge dude, like 6-6, that can run, that has a big arm. He'll have a nice transition into college football, but we'll have to see how he handles the size and the speed of Michigan and the Big Ten players." O'Korn cannot participate in games this season, and simply has to immerse himself in the system and getting better. He threw for 3,117 yards and 28 touchdowns as a true freshman at Houston, but he's in another world now. "He knows that the most important thing for him is to become an absolute expert in the system, and know that if he goes out and just busts his tail every day at what- ever is asked of him, then he'll have an unbelievable op- portunity a year from now to be our starter," Fisch said. This year, and every year, it's may the best man win. "I think what's going to happen is there's going to be five guys that just, every day, fight, scrap and claw to be the starting quarterback," Fisch said. "When Coach decides it's time to announce it, the other four guys fight, scrap and claw to take the job over. "By doing that, you're being supportive of your teammate. If I'm working as hard as I possibly can, then I'm helping Tim Drevno be the best coordinator he can be. If Tim Drevno is working his hardest, he's helping Jim Harbaugh be the best head coach he can be. "That's our philosophy in the quarterback group. Have everybody work their tail off to make the person next to them the best they can be." ❑ Passing Stats Year-By-Year Year Yards TD INT 2014 2042 10 18 2013 3221 21 13 2012 2591 20 19 2011 2377 22 16 2010 3252 23 15 2009 2380 15 15 2008 1718 11 12 2007 2862 25 14 2006 2538 22 8 2005 2672 23 8 Junior quarterback Shane Morris has made one start in each of the last two seasons, including versus Minnesota last year. PHOTO BY LON HORWEDEL

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