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Volume 6 Issue 6 Please address all subscription mail to the above address, Fax +852 3020 5794, or email Online Subscription: For reprints or copyright permission contact Wright's media at +877 652 5295 ext 102 or Printed by SUN RISE PRINTING & SUPPLIES PTE LTD Siew Hoon is a traveller who loves to write and a writer who loves to travel. She's combined her two loves into a career in travel journalism that has seen her launch several travel industry titles and conferences, including WIT. She loves the change and discovery that comes with travel and the business. I spent a day at a start-up event called Echelon in Singapore recently. It's where I go to have my eyes opened to what's happening in the big world out there, outside of travel. And guess who I bumped into? Robin Yap, managing director Asia of the Travel Corporation and whom I always associate with Insight Vacations in this part of the world. Now Yap is one of those executives I've watched over the years. He's a great role model of someone who's always curious, always learning, and adapting. Above all, he's a true believer in learning. Each time I catch up with him, which has been less and less as our paths diverged, he's taking some course or other, and he holds more professional qualifications than you can share in a Buzzfeed article. He was at Singapore Expo to meet a Malaysian start-up which helps travellers save on data and roaming charges. "This is a big headache for me, when my staff travel. Sometimes their roaming charges are so high and I have to find a way to cut these costs," said Yap as he introduced me to Nicholas Yeap of Flexiroam, which promises "unlimited data and voice roaming for travellers". I still recall a talk Yap gave at one of the many travel agent events I organised in my life pre-WIT – yes, there was life before WIT – and he spoke of being the "purple cow" – the cow that had to stand out in the herd to adapt, to survive, to thrive. Well, Yap definitely stood out as the "purple cow" in this start-up event because he was the only person I met from the "traditional" travel sector. I bumped into quite a few travel folks from Agoda and Amadeus – they're there, like me, to see what's happening in the world of tech innovation and disruption. I love start-ups because they represent the outer edges of the marketplace. They are created by someone who sees a problem and wants to solve it. Let's just say, they get pleasure from solving either their own (usually) or our pain. Brian Chesky started Airbnb because he was looking for a place to stay in New York that wasn't a hotel. At the event, I met Korean dog owner Seo Young Jin who invented a smart dog collar called NeoPop because his dog nearly got run over by a car and ran away. I met Filipino entrepreneur Aisa Mijeno who, with her brother, invented Salt, a lamp powered by seawater, for poor island communities in the Philippines. The next big space to be disrupted by technology is services. Today, there are apps for hiring plumbers, contractors, chefs, designers, and writers. This will change the way we work. Matt Barrie runs the successful, which went public on the Australian Securities Exchange at US$1.03 billion in November 2013. His start-up, established in 2009, connects entrepreneurs around the world who are looking for freelancers – it lists 6,000 jobs a day. He calls it a platform for international micro trade. He said the notion of employment had changed. The average career span of a Gen X may be five years but for freelancers, it's two weeks. "People are creating jobs rather than taking them. You can now architect your education (on the web) and your career (through marketplaces)." "The days of being average are over," he said. Long live the purple cows. PURPLE COWS ARE DISRUPTING SACRED COWS TALKING POINT

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