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7 19 Issue 77 / 2015 TECHNOLOGY The besT nighTlife apps i'm in The newly launched I'm In app allows you to win free tickets to the major events in your area. Had Cinderella lived in London in 2015, she would have not needed her Fairy Godmother's magic to go to the best events in the country. The I'm In app allows every nightlife lover to win tickets for the most in vogue events in the UK and Netherlands, completely for free. All you have to do in order to get the tickets is download the app, which is available for Android and Apple devices. Once you have downloaded the app, it only takes a minute to input your name and start playing to win tickets. The game changes monthly: in July it's all about luck, so you have to spin the wheel of fortune and try to win free entrance to the greatest events in the area. You can even increase your chances to win by inviting friends or attending events with I'm In tickets. The best thing about the app? Not only can anyone try their luck and win free guaranteed admission to huge parties, but the tickets come in pairs, so you can take a friend with you! The tickets are offered through I'm In's sponsors, which include good causes such as Dance4Life and brands such as Brothers Cider. Besides the ticket winning, the app is also fundamental to those who want to fully enjoy the UK's nightlife. It provides a complete and updated list of events, fully catered to your personal tastes, as well enabling you to easily set reminders for events that haven't launched yet. This award-winning bar guide is a must for drinkers worldwide. The app features reviews for the best bars in over 60 cities, so whether you're doing business with a client, on a hot date or painting the town red with friends, you'll know exactly where to go. And because BarChick is a bar finder, not a listings site, you're spared all those shitty chains. Yay! The app's Near Here function finds bars closest to you, and tells you what's open and shut, perfect if you're out on the spur of the moment or you're not quite ready to head home yet. BarChick also provides drink recommendations and money saving deals, so you can order like a boss without needing a CEO's salary. It's summer time, so we want to feel the sun on our face, get our drink on and party hard. Thankfully, there are a ton of apps to help us, making sure we only hit the hottest events, and we've picked out the best ones. Party on, friends YPlan, as the name suggests, is all about being spontaneous. You can browse through the curated shortlist of the best events in town and book in two taps, and everything is mobile so there's no need to bother with pesky printing. YPlan covers all categories, from comedy and film to music and sport, and they also group events into collections such as 'Date Night' and 'Summer Of Film', so you can book events according to mood or occasion. And as no one wants to go out alone, the app allows you to invite friends to an event but pay separately, so everybody's happy. The YPlan boys and girls are also bang on trend, so the app is compatible with the newly launched Apple Pay. Ra guide Resident Advisor has been our go-to for party listings for what feels like forever, and now those experts have launched an app, which "allows you to discover the best clubs and DJs wherever you are in the world". And with events from more than 120 countries and a database of over a million listings, there's bound to be something you like. The app allows you to add your fave DJs and artists from your iTunes library, as well as follow them, to generate custom listings. RA Guide also gives you recommendations based on your location, so you're always heading to the hottest party in town. And of course, you can buy tickets directly in the app. It's a veritable one-stop rave shop. baRChiCk Yplan

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