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4 Issue 77 / 2015 GUESTLIST Newsflash MaN arrested for chargiNg phoNe oN traiN Don't mess with TfL Robin Lee plugged his phone into a London Overground train and subsequently was arrested for "abstracting 0.052p of electricity". He was then de-arrested at Camden Road station, re-arrested for "unacceptable behaviour" and then released without charge. And we thought our commute was stressful! 50 ceNt Makes fuN of his baNkruptcy The rapper says the filing is a "strategic business move" The successful rapper, actor and businessman has Instagrammed a picture of him next to a smart car. Haha times are tough, we don't think so. Watch out for some power moves coming from him soon hello pluto! NASA's New Horizons probe completes flyby After nine years and more than three billion miles, the probe finally reached Pluto and managed to beam back photos to Earth. The success of the mission means that NASA has completed a visit of the solar system. And Pluto could not be more delightful – check the heart shaped patch! Ok so we should start with the fact that a club did actually close – Plan B in Brixton – for this to happen, but the good news is that the space is being used for another club and not luxury apartments, offices or boutique cheese shops. London is actually getting a new club! Phonox is its name and it'll open in Brixton in September, starting as a bar from 6pm before turning into a club later in the night. The venture is being led by Andy Peyton, director of XOYO and The Nest, who has a very clear vision, "We've got a very specific plan and set rules for ourselves to make the club into the place we want it to be…A dance floor full of people with smiles on their faces, not facing the DJ with camera phones at the ready, but enjoying the music for its own sake." Basically, they're going for the simple approach, similar to XOYO's programming style, with a monthly resident and "one dance floor, one great system and one DJ all night." We can't wait. good News: a club is actually opeNiNg iN loNdoN! This makes a change from all the clubs closing across the capital weed goes preMiuM with potbox Cannabis delivery services have been around for a while but Cali company Potbox is taking things to a new level with a premium monthly marijuana subscription service. Think Graze boxes but with weed instead of snacks. Promising the highest quality, ethically-grown cannabis delivered fresh from the farm, Potbox give you a quarter ounce each of two different strains, fully customised to your preferences, and two pre-rolled joints, wax sealed for freshness. You also get all the info on the chemical levels in your cannabis and where it was grown so you can blaze in good conscience. Sadly Potbox is only available to the good people of San Fran and LA, and it's not cheap, coming in at $149.95 (£97) a month, but it's definitely the most stylish way to smoke that we've seen. There's a new weed subscription service in town

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