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Hi Asante! Tell us a bit about yourself. I'm a producer, writer and musician. I've been doing music for the last ten years roughly and I make alternative hip-hop contemporary music. What was the concept behind your track 'Show Me The War'? Well the concept for the song was instead of looking at war as this faction versus that faction, let's just look at it as two guys being told to kill each other for whatever reason, and they're all for it until they got into it, like "oh man, is this what war is really like?" The concept for the video was look at this guy, this guy is just a normal guy and now he's being tortured for the sake of something he doesn't really understand. Yeah I just wanted to try and get that across, make it less about war and more about a person and what's happening to them during a war. How would you describe your music? I'd describe my music as very emotive. Everything I do I always try and have a concept behind it, and I try and make sure that every little piece of the music from the drums to the instruments to the rhythms represent something. Another way of looking at it, even the sound of footsteps, to your brain that's very similar to the word footsteps, so when I make the track and I think of the instruments I want to make sure that the words and the chorus and everything are very cohesive, so you get a really strong connection. That's sort of what I aim for in everything. What do you bring to your music that's special? I think what I bring is just a different perspective. Every song I write I try and keep in mind that I'm trying to give someone something new, whether it's a new perspective or an explanation of an emotion that would be difficult to put into words, I try and bring that out in the music. Anything that would be intriguing, even if I took the music out and took the song out, if I told you about it, would it be intriguing? That's what I am for when I make a song. So what should we do if we want to follow what you're up to? You should definitely go and check out my EP Finding Found. There are two videos out, 'Show Me The War' and 'Lifeless', and 'Conscious Mind' has been released as well, but yeah, check out the EP. 7 45 Issue 77 / 2015 HIPHOP / RNB The self-taught, multi-instrumentalist producer, songwriter and rapper from South London dropped in for a chat and exclusive live session " Every song I write I try and keep in mind that I'm trying to give someone something new, whether it's a new perspective or an explanation of an emotion" IntErvIEw AsAntE HuntEr Interviewed by: Pauline Jaffre

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