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JUly 23/07/2015 Club Roots undeRgRound pResents Rasta Isses wIth Roots hItek + nICe tImes + IssaC natuRal @oRleans 22:30-03:00 23/07/2015 CeCIl Reuben & hootananny's thuRsdays pResents hIm empeRoR haIle selassIe 123Rd annIveRsaRy CelebRatIon wIth lIoness Fonts (uk) + sIsteR kandake (uk) + tasha tee (Canada) + teddy dan (ethIopIa) baCked by the aRtIst band + sounds by JahRevelatIonmuzIk @the hootananny 20:00-02:00 24/07/2015 young waRRIoR meets dIgItal nIyabInghI 'Jungle dub sound system' @the pRInCe oF wales 22:00-05:00 25/07/2015 meltout summeR gaRden FestIval wIth Channel one sound system @bRIxton Jamm 14:00-04:00 25/07/2015 Congo natty & up2beat pResents Congo natty FamIly boat paRty takeoveR @temple pIeR 12:00-16:00 26/07/2015 westway Roots soundsystem alldayeR wIth RoCkeRs FRom south: leo samson & ClIFFoRd JunIoR + Reggae Roast + RobIn Catto wIth Ruben da sIlva, dan RIFF RaFF, one dRead & eaCh one teaCh one & shake up soundsystem @the new CRoss Inn 14:00-23:00 26/07/2015 Rompa's Reggae shaCk Red stRIpe Rub-a-dub Club @tuRntables 13:00-23:00 30/07/2015 CeCIl Reuben pResents hootananny's thuRsdays Feat JahRevelatIonmuzIk + guests tann-I bRowne @the hootananny 20:00-02:00 30/07/2015 Club Roots undeRgRound wIth JoloF Roots + sIsta nkeChI @oRleans 22:30-03:30 31/07/2015 kIng oF kIngs - unIveRsIty oF dub pResents Roots danCe geneRate wIth Channel one sound system the Roots enteRtaIneR wIth mIkey dRead, Ras kayleb & daughtas + Jah tubbys woRld system & CRew FRom east london + the mIghty aba shantI-I eaRth RoCkeR sound oF Jah lIghtnIng and thundeR @the sCala 22:00-06:00 AUGUST 01/08/2015 Just a lIttle & tRemoRs pResent global Rhythms wIth gIlles peteRson @oval spaCe 15:00-06:00 02/08/2015 noRman Jay...up on the RooF @the pRInCe oF wale 14:00-01:00 02/08/2015 Jungle splash pResents the Jungle & gaRage alldayeR @bRIxton Jamm 12:00-00:00 08/08/2015 wRay & nephew pResents JamaICa Rum tIngs: JamaICan IndependenCe paRty @bRIxton Jamm 14:00-03:00 13/08/2015 Club Roots undeRgRound wIth easteRn vIbRatIon + oRIgInal CoRneRstone oF CReatIon @oRleans 22:30-03:30 ReGGAe / DANCe HALL PARTY LISTINGS 7 59 Issue 77 / 2015 REGGAE / DANCE HALL

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