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7 7 Issue 77 / 2015 GUESTLIST on the housing market is a huge issue for Hackney, as it is all over London. There are people who have been living here for generations who can't afford to stay, meanwhile their streets have been taken over by rich City kids wanting to live somewhere trendy. Some of that has definitely been reflected in the audience at Passing Clouds too, which has changed dramatically in the 5 years I've worked here. That's why we'll always keep the Sunday Jam running, even though it doesn't make us any money. It was the flagship event at Clouds where people from all backgrounds, all walks of life could come together and connect through music, and it's a very powerful and important staple of the community. What's the best thing about working at Passing Clouds? Oooooh, that's a tough one - the endless awesome music, glitter and Harajuku wigs as your work uniform, obligatory face painting, Friday afternoon cosmopolitans in the office! There's so much I love about working here but if I had to choose one it would be that you really are part of a family. I know that might sound a bit cliché but it's true - everyone here totally loves each other (and hates each other sometimes like any proper dysfunctional family!) and we are all 100% there for each other. You just know that if you ever have a crisis in your life you've got a dozen people you can call who will instantly take care of you. We're all connected by a common cause, which is to make the family house as awesome as possible and to bring as much goodness to the world as we can, so we all take care of each other on the way. How can someone become part of the Passing Clouds community? Just come and get involved. We're too busy keeping the venue together to sort out proper volunteer programmes but if you've got some initiative and something to offer, just get involved. Rock up, hang out here, start talking to people, get to know us, share yourself with us, ask questions, think about what you can bring to the family and start making it happen. Just the other day I had someone wanting to host an event here who tried to bribe me to throw someone else's event out of the calendar. It would have made us more money but the attitude was all wrong. We're a genuine family collective and you can't instantly buy your way into that. It's an Old street tIng: MagIc rOundabOut The iconic Old Street Roundabout has been giving a magic twist Arriving just in time for summer, The Magic Roundabout is a brand new 500-capacity space offering up the freshest food, beats, and beverages in town. Occupied by some of London's most exciting foodie ventures, in the form of Burger Bear, Prawnography and Relax, The Magic Roundabout will be serving up the finest street food and drinks alongside killer cuts of disco music, every day from 7am-11pm. Entry is free of charge. The Magic Roundabout is the brainchild of London-based entrepreneur Tom Reaney – the man behind the famous Burger Bear pop-up and Stokey Bears restaurant. He's got Burger Bear in charge of curating the beats across the venue with their very own DJ booth in the middle of the site. If past Burger Bear guests are anything to go by, punters can expect surprise sets from some of the biggest names in disco, house, techno and more. Follow us on Twitter @MiltonLloyd WIN FREE fragrances putting on amazing events, the Passing Clouds team is passionate venue: it is a state of mind". We caught up with Events Manager

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