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7 9 Issue 77 / 2015 GUESTLIST TweeTer of The monTh: ezra Koenig Dog graDuaTes wiTh owner Fudge attended the ceremony in matching cap and gown Although Fudge the cocker spaniel didn't actually sit any exams (because he's a dog), he was still able to graduate with honours from Edinburgh Napier University alongside his owner Jack Proctor because he played such a vital part in Jack's dissertation, appearing in videos for Jack's design and digital arts degree. Talk about big dog on campus. Cnn Confuse sex Toy banner wiTh isis flag News channel spotted the flag at Pride in London CNN made quite the gaffe during their coverage of the capital's Pride parade, reporting that a terrorist banner was being waved amongst the rainbow flags. Editor Lucy Pawle declared on air that she "was the only person who had spotted this" but what she didn't spot was the fact that the flag was a parody, and actually featured outlines of sex toys. Oops. bbC subTiTle fail for Kanye's glasTo seT We've all seen a subtitle fail or two over the years but this time the channel just gave up trying to keep up with Kanye as he performed his headline set on June 27th. Granted, trying to subtitle an expletive-laden, quickfire performance isn't easy, and they did give it a go – motherducker, for example – but they quickly threw in the towel, leaving us with "HE RAPS". The BBC don't seem to have the hang of this whole subtitling thing weirD anD wonDerful The Vampire Weekend frontman calls it how he sees it, and is not afraid to tackle subjects as diverse as Apple, the Supreme Court and wet fleeces. What a hero. "turns out the stuffy, old world of Wimbledon is more of a non-racist meritocracy than the fresh, exciting world of branding/advertising" - Koenig calls bullshit when he sees it, like the fact that Serena Williams makes tons more in prize money but only half as much as her competitors in endorsements. "'Do you want to be seen or not, mate?' - such an iconic 2015 question. Prince Harry in reflective vest + camo is human zeitgeist" - He hones in the moments that will come to define our existence. So perceptive. "I have powerful sense memories from glasto. If I caress a wet fleece, I can hear balloons inflating & smell the english countryside at dawn" - He's nailed Glastonbury in two words = wet fleece. "respect to taylor swift. respect to the Beggars Group. respect to apple. so much respect and yet it's still the wild west. protect ur neck" - He's not afraid to tell the truth about the music biz. "it took me four years to dress like a dandy, but a lifetime to dress like a dad" - Koenig's style game is on point and he knows it. "my campaign platform is: a ya for every hey & a hey for every ya" - We're not entirely sure what he's campaigning for, but with an Outkast- inspired slogan like that, he gets our vote. "I find it hard 2 choose which tote to take out into the world. All those hours spent staring into my tote nook - I can't get them back" - Even for a hugely successful musician, the struggle is real. Follow @arzE for more topical tweets.

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