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Published by Northstar Travel Media Singapore Pte Ltd ISSN 2382-6061 MCI (P) 074/07/2015 PPS 1849/09/2014 (025581) AUGUST 2015 12 Photo: Switzerland Tourism. P3 VOICES: Is there a right time to travel? P10 TECH TALKING Sabre's drawn to Asia Pacific P11 YING AND YANG: Preferred family values P12 DESTINATION: China P17 PRODUCT FOCUS: Letting the train take the strain in Switzerland P21 HOSPITALITY: From front desk to leading the pack P23 UNDER MY SKIN Campbell Wilson, CEO of Scoot Across China on the new high-speed networks, across the length and breadth of Europe, up mountain passes in Switzerland, through the grand cities of Spain, and on the bullet trains of Japan, travellers in Asia are letting the trains take the strain. TALKING POINT Virtually in Mongolia 2 GAMECHANGERS 22 Intrepid Travel's Darrell Wade DESTINATION China's awesome Grand Canyon COVER Everything that happens stays in Las Vegas RIDING THE RAILS 7

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