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S CORE Trophy Truck racer Justin Matney debuted his brand new number 4 Rigid Industries Trophy Truck, at the Rigid Industries SCORE Imperial Valley 250 race in September. The Geiser Brothers built truck is unique, as it is a four- wheel drive vehicle that has some of the latest drivetrain technology available in a desert racing vehicle at this level. Although this four-wheel drive Trophy Truck is state-of-the- art, incorporating this type of drivetrain isn't new. The Herbst/ Smith Motorsports number 19 Ford F-150 was one of the first successful 4x4 vehicles that competed in SCORE's Unlimited Trophy Truck class. While CV-joint problems and other drivetrain issues have seemed to plague attempts to continue to run four-wheel drive Trophy Trucks in the past, this new Geiser-built Trophy Truck, has the advantage of new materials, stronger drivetrain components, and other factors that made it worth another try. "This truck is a totally new creation," says Justin Matney. "When RPM Off- Road owner Clyde Stacey and I first discussed this with the Rick and Jeff Geiser, we all knew that four-wheel drive was the future of off-road racing. Because of the 4x4 drivetrain, Rick and Jeff Geiser sat down, figured out a new program for this vehicle, and designed it accordingly. In the past, CV joints and wheel travel were a concern, but the truck is still a prototype. It did perform flawlessly at the Vegas- To-Reno race, but we're still learning with it." Coming off a back injury and slowly working his way into more seat time in the Rigid Industries 4x4 Trophy Truck, Matney and the RPM Off-Road team are dedicated 033 SCORE JOURNAL

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