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The word about Baja California reached the brothers, and the more they heard, the more it intrigued them. So they began to plan what would be the adventure of a lifetime, something that would not only cement their names in the history books but eventually create an event that would take on a life of its own and quickly gain international fame. Neither, however, was among the original goals. They simply wanted to be the first to do something besides win a race. Getting The Bikes Naturally, the plan wasn't without its setbacks. Being the owner of a dealership that sold both Honda and Triumph motorcycles, Bud proposed the ride using a couple of Triumphs to the U.S. Triumph (Western division) distributor, Johnson Motors in Pasadena, California. But the brass there saw no point in funding such a stunt. So Bud tried a different avenue. "He got together with two ex-employees of Johnson BAJA 1 9 6 2 E S T FROM THE BEGINNING EKINS WAS THE FIRST TO REACH LA PAZ AND NEEDED TO FIND THE LOCAL TELEGRAPH OFFICE. HE FINALLY GOT THERE AND WAS THEN ABLE TO RELAX WHILE WAITING FOR HIS RIDING COMPANION. EKINS RECALLS, "WE WERE DOWN THERE A DECADE LATER AND THE KIDS ALL HAD SHOES." SINCE THERE WEREN'T MANY FUEL STATIONS ALONG THE ROUTE, THE MOTORCYCLES HAD TO BE RE- FUELED VIA THEIR AIR SUPPORT. 048 SCORE JOURNAL

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