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The Mutoh RJ-900 is a great 44" printer for some large photo panels and all-over printed shirts. In the desktop platforms, there are a few options that could fit your needs. Ricoh has a couple of platforms on the market. Their smallest, entry-level printer, the GXe3300n, has a maximum print size of 8.5x14. The larger, GX7000, has a 13x19 max print size. The soon-to-be- released GX7700 prints the same 13x19 size, but it will allow for two different size cartridges. Epson has a handful out as well. One is an 1100 which has a max print size of 13x19 and runs on four-color; it's a bulk system with 90 ml bags. Another is the Epson 7700, which is a four-color 24" platform with 350 ml cartridges. Large-format printers come in much larger sizes. The main sizes you will see are 44", 54", and 64", with some getting even larger than that. These options use roll paper with refill cartridges. This means rather than buying single-use carts you are buying bulk liters of ink and refilling the cartridges when they are low. This makes your ink costs drop dramatically. There are a few different options to choose from, depending on what you are planning to do. At 44", there are a few different models with minor differences. There is the Epson 9700 (four-color), Epson 9890 (eight-color) and the Mutoh RJ-900 (four-color). The biggest advantage to these is that they offer bulk refill car- tridges. Although you do save on ink and paper by ganging images on the same transfer, large-format printing also comes with a larger price tag. If you are in a market where this type of sublimation is in high demand, it can be a real money maker for you. WHAT TYPES OF PRODUCTS WILL YOU DO? What do I mean by this? When looking to buy a sublimation system, you need to have a vision of your busi- ness future. What that means is you need to ask yourself what types of things you plan on producing. You do not want to get a printer that is going to be too large, because then you will be paying for something you will not use to its capacity. That's just wasted money. If you plan to specialize in badge-type Use INFO # 609 Spring 2012 17

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