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running a few built-in checks or cleanings. Before anything else, check your ink car- tridges. This sounds too simple, yet many times we get so caught up in the technical aspects of a problem that we don't start by addressing the basics. If there's a fair amount of ink in each cartridge, next run a Nozzle Check from the Printer Utility panel. If there are not gaps or staggered areas, then try a Head Cleaning; this can be found in the Utility window as well. If you aren't sure what to look for when proofing a Nozzle Check or Head Cleaning Cycle, there are summaries and directions on what to look for when running these cycles within the pop-up panels for each function. Use INFO # 619 Q: There's an area on the pressed product that looks greenish or light. What's going on? A: This is commonly referred to as a Softspot. The heat and pressure did not seem to 'take' in that area as it did throughout the rest of the sublimated piece. The heat and pressure are hitting a gap, and the substrate, transfer and heat- press platen are not coming in contact evenly. The solution could be as simple as using a piece of newsprint paper on top of your transfer, or you may need to purchase some high-temp polyester fabric (it looks like canvas but is not) or Endura fabric. The heat-press platen could also be slightly bent. If you have been using excessive pressure or abusing the heat press by using it in other ways than only for sublimation, it may be damaged. This can usually be repaired, or a replacement piece can be ordered. Contact your dis- tributor for information on purchasing these items or for receiving support assis- tance in resolving a problem. Q: I keep getting a double image or a faded mark on my image when I press. What gives? A: Most likely your transfer is shifting when you pull the heat press cover up. Try taping the transfer tighter, smoothing it down and using a small amount of tape to Use INFO # 601 22

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