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Getting More From Customer-Submitted Graphics BY JOHN BARKER that make up each transfer. If the transfer image looks pixelated, you can bet that the final product will, too. If the wrong color mode is assigned to a customer's photograph or if you've accepted a low- resolution graphic, the final product will be affected. So, it stands to reason that if you can get a handle on the graphics side of the equation, your products will improve as a result. We'll examine three areas where training or having the necessary skill set will help you cut down on the number of sub-standard graphics submitted as well as repair poor quality submissions. While you won't be able to fix all graphics, there are T he quality of a sublimation's end product is directly depen- dent on the individual graphics ways you can sometimes create a "com- promise" graphic that will both please the customer and look good on a final product. CREATE AN ARTWORK SPECIFICATIONS SHEET FOR CUSTOMERS While there are a number of reasons to create and publish artwork specifications, the best reason might be to protect your sanity! As with many other graphics-based industries, the old adage about images is true in sublimation, too: "Garbage in, gar- bage out." This is especially evident with true photo-quality technologies like subli- mation where you can see every imperfec- tion of a poor quality original submission. Sure, you'll hear many sob stories from the customer about not having a vector-version of their logo or that the little thumbnail version of a wedding photo they submitted for the six-foot tile mural is the only ver- sion they have. There are many variables to include in a specs sheet, but make sure you hit at least the highlights: and size of largest product being sublimated formats: jpeg, jpg, tif, bmp, png, gif, et al vector-based logo graphic (e.g. one we can edit for sublimation's color output without affecting the image resolution or quality) - Some user- submitted photo transformations using Painter 12 as shown in the Getting Started Guide. 28

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