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The best gifts are those that capture a positive emotional experience and preserve it forever. With this particular product, it' more than just a picture of the baby, as it also contains personalized text that lists the birth time and weight, plus the parent's names. And then to polish it all off the right way, cute "themed" graphics were added to fur- ther enhance the emotional aspects of the memory. d text ight, en to cute fur- cts It cost you less than $7, but to the family of baby Hannah it's priceless, which means you have great markup potential, some- thing on the order of $30 plus. And when you do the first one, you can template the design so that you can easily help other families to capture the same kind of cherished memories. ' - ct, it's baby, But it's not enough to just create a nd reate a great gift that captures a special moment. You have to successfully position the product the right way when dealing with the customer. If, for example, you were to say that you could produce a sublimated photo plaque that featured a picture of the baby with some nice graphics and text, you have just driven the customer from an emo- tional high to an industrial low, which of course means the price quickly followed suit as well. On the other hand, if you spice up the description with some sickly sweet, emo- tional adjectives, you can really drive the message home. Maybe a script like this: "Wow! How exciting that baby Hannah has come into your life; that is so special and something that you will want to cherish forever. In fact, it's so exciting that you will want to have something extra special to preserve the moment forever, some- thing that you can look back on to remind You can believe Joe Gladstone is going to place this gift item somewhere where it can be readily seen, as it's a great conversation piece. Spring 2012 35

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