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Sublimation Marketing —Thinking Local BY KRISTINA LOWE W ITH SO MANY INTERNET companies out there vying to get into your town, this is the perfect time to market yourself as your town's local sublimation expert. From small towns to large cities, there are lots of opportunities for your business to grow and thrive when you get out there and show people what you have to offer. The combination of full color, high quality and personalization capabilities coupled with a wide range of dynamic products provides you with the perfect opportunity to attract new customers. MARKETING You have to let your customers know that you can give them one- of-a-kind products! Start close to home and create store dis- plays, such as brochures showing examples of products and in-store signage, which can all play a part in letting people see what you now offer. Sampling customers is also crit- ical. With sublimation, seeing is selling, as people can actually see the quality of the product you can offer to them. IN-STORE DISPLAYS There are a few ways to display samples that will help your customers picture their logos or graphics on mul- tiple products. One way is to make your displays "theme-oriented." Pick sports, industrial, corporate, special occasion, etc. and organize like products together. Show your customers for school sports 44 When you visit a school, take samples using that school's logo so they can imagine how to use those products. At left: Create a display board showcasing how you can use one company's logo across a multitude of sublimation products. teams they can purchase several items using a few images to create a sports package. Remember to mix mediums. Do not have a wall full of just one item, such as name badges. Show the variety of items available, grouping according to category, coordinating the shapes and sizes in that series. Create familiarity with your products. Customers will be more likely to order something if they can identify with it. Choose local groups and company logos that have a "famil- iarity" aspect. LOCAL MARKETS It is important to reach out to many potential customers, but knowing which ones to reach out to will keep your com- pany focused and on track to increase sales. Here are four markets to develop a sales and marketing program for: What do all of these markets have in common? Four things. First, they are all of significant size and scope. Second, they are easy to define and identify. Third, they all have the need for personalized/custom- ized full-color products. Fourth, they are all located in your community and are easy to contact. Since target customers rarely come

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