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and "Go Panthers!" can be included on products is important. This, coupled with the ability to include school and personal names and years on the product, helps the groups to begin thinking about ways they could use your products. RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS There are over 200,000 churches in the United States, and in many cases their members have a strong affinity to these organizations. Sublimation provides you the opportunity to provide personalized, full-color products that incorporate logos or other meaningful artwork to strengthen the bond between the organization and its members. Add a contact's name to a sample package to create a personal connection to your products. LOCALLY OWNED BUSINESSES One of the keys to success for any busi- ness is good marketing. Marketing your- self to businesses as their locally owned, full-color sublimation expert will allow you to provide enhanced marketing for businesses that want to utilize full-color logos or backgrounds to put their best foot forward with the people they serve. Sublimation allows you to economically produce items as simple as a full-color logo onto a plain background for a desk nameplate or as complex as a full-color photo split into segments and used in a building directory. Target these customers for packages of personalized name badges, bag tags, pro- motional coasters, desk plates and other business paraphernalia. The market for name badges and name plates is driven by service industries, which are now the largest employers in the US economy. Res- taurants, retailers, banks and other com- panies that regularly greet the public buy millions of name badges every year. Insur- ance companies, technology companies, banks and other white-collar businesses use nameplates in cubicles, on desks and 46 in buildings in large quantities, and they promote their business with small items such as coasters. These markets, combined with the market for interior wayfinding systems and other types of signs that can be produced by sublimation, represent a market of over a billion dollars in size. SCHOOLS There are over 150,000 schools in the United States with over 77 million students. There is the potential for subli- mated products in schools in a variety of areas and ways. Potential product offerings include aca- demic awards, packages for sports teams, band and other club activities similar to those used in the team sports module. Also, gradu- ation gifts, picture frames, prom mementos, name badges, desk plates and other identifi- cation signage for school personnel. When planning your sales approach to schools, it is important to keep in mind that there are multiple people to sell to, and it is important that you give the decision maker ideas on how they can use your products. Emphasizing that full-color graphics, school crests, mascots, logos and custom phrases, like "Seniors Rule" SECURING THE SALE After you have identified targets to contact, make a list of 6-7 you want to focus on and send an initial contact letter. This can be done by direct mail or email. The letter should be addressed to a specific person and include a product brochure, product proposals and a free sample (if sending direct mail). In the letter, first get the reader's attention with a hard-hitting lead paragraph. Then, involve your target customer with a statement that goes to their problems, needs or wants. Next, create demand. Your letter is an offer for a great product that provides exceptional value. Lastly, your letter needs to let the reader know the action they should take. Once you have secured a meeting, you should organize the following to bring with you: Business packet information: we are, What we do) specific to your target with their logo and the contact's name the target customer Presentation with the following key points:

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