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7 19 Issue 81 / 2015 TECHNOLOGY The besT music apps music sTories Okay so technically this isn't an app itself as it's a new feature on the Facebook iPhone app, but it's still a big thing either way. The service allows users to share and discover brand new music through Spotify and Apple Music with their Facebook friends through 30-second music previews. The integration with Spotify and Apple Music allows users to click through to buy or save the track for later. Expect Apple to benefit more from this unison as, at the moment, the app is exclusively on iPhones - allowing users to seamlessly buy tracks through Facebook and listen to them at any time through their Apple Music app. It's highly likely that Facebook will eventually bring out the service for Android users too as they are currently excluding a large proportion of their users, although nothing has been announced yet. After stealing the limelight from MySpace all those years ago, Facebook have somewhat neglected the musical aspect of social media, focusing more on news sharing and video discovery. Therefore, Facebook has never been an ideal place for artists to promote their music, but that looks set to change now, with the new service that the social media platform hopes will replace sharing YouTube links of songs you like to their site. Facebook's latest move to expand their company will benefit both artist and consumer; audiences will be able to discover and purchase new music with ease at the click of a button and, on the flip side, artists will now have more exposure on a platform which has over 1 billion daily active users.. If you love live music, this app is a must-have. Songkick gives you concert info as soon as it breaks and allows you to track your favourite artists so you need never miss another show. Using all your other music apps, you can import artist info into Songkick to get concert notifications for your fave band and create a totally personalised gig guide. As well as seeing all the ticket options, prices, and line-ups for every show and festival, you can buy tickets directly from the app, so you don't miss out if you're always on the go. And because they're such nice people over at Songkick, they even give you gig recommendations based on your music tastes, so you might only be a couple of taps away from discovering someone great. Music and tech have long gone hand in hand. Good because it means there is almost a constant stream of apps on the market, ensuring we listen in the best possible way. Bad becuase it means there's too much choice (we know, first world problems). We've got your back though with these four must have music apps Ahh Shazam, where would we be without it? We'd be frantically listening to the radio hoping to catch a repeat of the artist or creeping up to the DJ booth begging for a song name. We all know that Shazam listens to any piece of music for ten seconds and then spits out all the song info we need, but it does a whole lot more – it provides links to Apple Music and iTunes, you can connect to streaming apps to hear the song in full, and you can enjoy lyrics and music videos. On top of that you can see what some of the biggest artists in the world are Shazaming themselves. And should you stumble across an amazing song whilst phone-less, you can launch Shazam right from your Apple Watch. Smooth. YouTube music YouTube have launched a standalone streaming app for iOS and Android, designed to complement their video subscription service YouTube Red. The focus of the app is discovery, so if you search for a song or an artist, you'll be presented with everything related; videos, concert clips, remixes, covers, video tutorials, the app has it all, and crucially, other music streaming apps don't. On top of that you get all the other bits you'd expect from a music app like playlists and recommendations, and if you sign up for the YouTube Red subscription, you get extra goodies like offline listening, ad removal, and the option to stream with or without videos. YouTube Music is currently only available in the US but a global rollout can't be far behind. songkick shazam

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