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4 Issue 81 / 2015 GUESTLIST Newsflash The CoroNeT To Close The capital's entertainment scene dealt another blow The venue in Elephant & Castle will close its doors on 5th January 2017 after an unsuccessful campaign to stay open. The Coronet has been running for 138 years and hosted everyone from Charlie Chaplin to Justin Timberlake and everything from soundclashes to fetish nights. Get down there and make its last year the best ever. loNdoN sTaNds wiTh Paris London landmarks lit up with the Tricolour Following the terrorist attacks that left over 130 people dead, London, like many cities around the world, showed solidarity with the French capital - thousands gathered for a vigil in Trafalgar Square, and landmarks like the London Eye, Wembley Stadium, the National Gallery and Tower Bridge turned red, white and blue. demoCraCy Comes To Burma Five decades of military dictatorship have finally come to an end After spending more than 15 years under house arrest, Aung San Suu Kyi saw her National League for Democracy party win a landslide victory in Burma's recent election. The NLD won enough seats to control both houses of parliament and the right to choose the next president. The outgoing president has promised the election results will be honoured. The Met Police are facing accusations that the tactics they used to control the 4th November student protest were heavy handed, after a video surfaced supposedly showing a tough approach to the policing of the event. The protesters had an unlikely ally, as MP for Hackney North Dianne Abbott told The Independent that the level of policing at the event had surprised even her. The incidents at the most recent demonstration reflected those that had occurred at previous events with police facing calls that they were doing little to defuse tense situations. Another video, filmed at a previous march, shows two plain clothed police officers running into a crowd of students for no apparent reason. In the process they appear to grab a bystander and swing him around in an aggressive fashion. The incident occurs in clear view of a number of uniformed police officers who watch on. The incident in question occured at the end of the student march, with the creator of the video who remains anonymous, stating: "A young member of the British public had been attacked and left visibly shaken, and the very person he would have expected to help him turned away. And on top of that it was a police officer that attacked him." The student protest, which Guestlist reported on, was one of the most intensively policed events in London's long history. A reported 4,000 officers were on duty with 24 arrests being made. PoliCe ProvoCaTioN CaughT oN Camera The Met are coming under fire for their protest policing method smoke jusT like sNooP dogg After seeing the success of self-endorsed products by Dr Dre, Snoop has hurled himself into the cannabis market, putting his own face on the world's first 'mainstream cannabis brand'. Stocking cannabis flowers, edibles and concentrates, Snoop has become the first celebrity to put his face on a company focusing purely on weed, ahead of country music legend Willie Nelson, who plans to release his own strain of weed, named Willie's Reserve. Speaking about the brand in a statement on his website, the 44-year- old rapper claimed that he has "the finest quality cannabis one could imagine" followed by what could be the company's new tagline: "Let's medicate, elevate and put it in the air!". Interestingly, as the company is based solely in Colorado, Snoop can't legally own it as he is not a resident - he can only put his face on the brand. However the business will surely expand to other states in the future as weed is legalised, meaning that if marijuana is ever leaglised in Cali, Snoop Dogg will be able to be the first celebrity to own a cannabis company. Snoop is on a roll with another cannabis business venture, Leafs By Snoop

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