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7 33 Issue 81 / 2015 HIPHOP / RNB Kruze, how are you? I'm very good today. For those who don't know tell us a little bit about yourself. I'm an upcoming rapper from South London, trying to build up the buzz and looking to conquer. Your new video 'Numbers' is out, so what was the motivation behind it? What was the vibe you were aiming for? The vibe I was aiming for was just to tell people what it's really like, let people know how we're really out here. As you know I was gone for a while so I came back with this. The main aim was to let people know we're alright, we're doing good, we're ready to take over. Nice mate. It's been a few years since your Warm-Up Session on SBTV, what have you been doing in that time? During that time I was working on myself and I found out more about myself, I was working on my music, in the studio all the time and I came back with 'Numbers'. 'Numbers' was to remind people I'm still here. So how have your past experiences shaped you as an artist in the present day? They've shaped me quite well, you learn from the way people treat you sometimes. I've been in certain places… certain good places as well, with good people who have motivated me to become the artist I am today. Yeah, every artist wants to be unique, but are there any artists who you aspire to be like, someone you model yourself on? I'd say 50 Cent. Yeah 50 Cent, it's his mindset, his dedication, his motivation, just everything, I think he has everything to be a great role model. What is it about music that you love? Why is it your passion? It just takes me to a different world when I make music, I can enter a completely different realm, I can be myself and do what I want to do. No one can tell me if I'm right or wrong. If you could put your name to one song and say it was me who made that song, which song would you choose? Drake - 'Hotline Bling'! It's a big song, it would have been sick if it was me who would have made that song. What is the worst situation you've found yourself in? I'm talking about a time when you've just stood there and thought to yourself "I'm fucked". Yeah, I was on my way to the BBC for a meeting and I was completely late, it was a big meeting as well. A radio interview, and I was about an hour late. Did it go alright? Haha yeah it actually went well which was lucky. At the time I was devastated though, it felt worst than when you're late for a job interview. If you could choose any artists in the world to work with, who would it be? I'd love to work with Skepta obviously, he's sick, yeah he's sick. Krept and Konan would be good to work with as well, I like them and respect them cos they're out there doing their thing. Off the top of my head those are the people who I would want to make music with, but there are others. Currently what projects are you working on? Do you have any new songs coming out? At the moment I'm in the studio all the time making music, I'm working hard to put out my mixtape. When people hear my mixtape they'll know I'm here. Croydon rapper Kruze came by the Guestlist office to talk to us about his latest video, life and motivation " When people hear my mixtape they'll know I'm here " IntervIeW Kruze Interviewed by: Tom Higson

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