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To combat the decline of nightlife in a city once considered the world's culture capital, London Mayor Boris Johnson's Music Venues Taskforce (which sounds incredibly exciting) has proposed the appointment of another mayor, a swankier, cooler mayor to show the highest levels of British government why going out in London and getting obliterated in front of a killer live band is just what this city needs to drag it kicking, screaming and pub-crawling into the 21st Century. Elephant and Castle's Coronet, 12 Bar Club and Madame JoJo's of Soho, Plastic People on Curtain Road, the list goes on and on. Whether labelled a public nuisance, swallowed by the juggernaut of gentrification or by simply being in the way of the massive Crossrail project snaking its way through subterranean London, venues have become second-class businesses, the loss of which is costing the city billions every year. So what can we expect from this new nightlife mayor? Will they rule with an iron fist, forcing all the best drugs into the mouths and brains of all the worst people? Will we see new clubs popping up with designated outdoor cannabis areas and bouncers who refuse entry without open containers and ecstasy pills in your handbag? Perhaps we could have a mandate for a mobile booze tanker converted from an antique fire engine to patrol the streets of after-hours London looking for sober people? How about that for a water cannon, Boris? Hopefully what our Night Mayor will do is make music venues in all forms a priority. Do we really need another estate agent or Costa on every street? Well the answer, clearly, is absolutely fucking not. Let's see some new artists break into the scene at some new venues and make London nightlife something we can be proud of once again. 7 5 Issue 81 / 2015 GUESTLIST With the steady loss of clubs and arts venues in the capital, it's no surprise that going out in London is slowly being replaced by the tragic moniker that may well come to define the year 2015: "Netflix and Chill" Kingpin Ne-Yo See who has been dropping in with us! DJ Yoda will a night Mayor work? Madame Jojo's, the beloved Soho club, closed in 2014. The amount in billions that the night time sector in the UK is worth each year. of London's grassroots music venues have closed since 2007. The number of spaces hosting new artists, down from 136 in 2007.

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