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The Crack + Cider pop-up shop, housed in creative space One Good Deed Today, was opened by Londoners Charley Cramer and Scarlett Montanaro after they spoke to a homeless man who said "people don't give me money because they think I'll just spend it on crack and cider". As Charley said, "Living in London, you walk past so many homeless people every day and it's always the same people in your neighbourhood. Every day you feel bad. I have never given money to people on the street, you get told it may get spent on alcohol and things not benefitting their lives. This way, people can buy something that will last and can reach out in a different way." According to Crisis, 7,581 people slept rough in the capital at some point during 2014/15, and winter is an especially hard time to be living on the streets. At Crack + Cider you can buy clothing and winter essentials – jackets, gloves, hats, socks, umbrellas, fleeces and backpacks – that will be given to the homeless in time for Christmas, and all donations are going directly to the cause. You can head down to the physical shop, open for the whole of November, or you can purchase items on their website, which will stay open into December. 6 Issue 81 / 2015 GUESTLIST Spending Money London's first shop for the homeless is open on Kingsland Road The challenge goes international! The next member of the Guestlist crew to take on the Spending Money Challenge and keep the good vibes going is Pauline. After being nominated, she donated €20 to Unapei, a French organisation that represents and defends the interests of disabled people and their families, helping them to become more involved in society. Not only did Pauline do a massively good thing by supporting Unapei, she's helped to spread the word about the Spending Money Challenge by doing it in French and sharing it with people across the Channel. Do something amazing this month by donating the same amount you spent on something non-essential to a good cause, nominate some mates to do the same and keep the Spending Money Challenge rolling! 1. SpEnd on you 2. do SoME good 3. noMInATE SoMEonE ELSE #spendingmoneychallenge pauline does the Spending Money Challenge CraCk + Cider

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