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Over the years, Penhall became an accomplished racer, winning four SCORE Baja 1000 and two Baja 500 races. He's also won many other races in everything from Class 1, Class 10, Class 12, Class 7, and Class 5 vehicles, as well as two Class championships and two Toyota True Grit awards. Despite a lengthy win list, Penhall best recalls winning each Baja 1000 race as the highlights of his racing career. "I won the SCORE Baja 1000 four times and I remember each one," says Penhall. "Each of those times was as exciting as winning it for the first time. What was most important to me is winning the race driving a car that I built. That also makes it very special." In addition to his own accomplishments, Penhall has enjoyed racing with some of his long-time friends. "Over the years, I have had the honor of racing with some of the best in our sport, including guys like Dr. Bud Fedlkamp, Malcolm Smith, Larry Roeseler, and Danny Letner," said Penhall. "I also got to drive the Herbst Truggy when Larry Roeseler needed to jump in the Trophy Truck they were racing at the time." Aside from a great career as a racer, Penhall is perhaps more well known for being one of the top fabricators in the sport. He started Penhall Fabrication as a simple shop where he could work on motorcycles that he and his brother raced back in the seventies. "We had a minimal amount of tools back in 1975-'76," recalls Penhall. "A guy came buy one time, and I made him some minor parts. I realized I could make money building parts for race cars. So PENHALL JERRY PENHALL WITH THE CLASS 1 BUGGY HE BUILT FOR THE COPS RACING TEAM. 09 SCORE JOURNAL

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