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Making A Killing - Tesco Many companies have taken their lead from U.S supermarket giant Walmart, where you can buy everything from groceries to guns, but none has been more successful in destroying our independent businesses and high street diversity than Tesco, from aggressive supplier practices (the supermarket regulator found that Tesco "knowingly delayed paying money to suppliers in order to improve its own financial position") to buying land to prevent other businesses developing in areas around Tesco stores. They care about 'helping' the consumer as long as that doesn't get in the way of profits. We understand that they offer the best value on your groceries, but at what cost to the market in general? Support local independent businesses when you can. Making a Difference – Oatly Apart from the obligatory humorous text on the carton, its oat milk is a health conscious and ecologically-aware alternative to the milk industry, as more and more studies show the destructiveness dairy farming is doing to our planet. Oatly understands that we can't be perfect consumers, at a business or consumer level, but that we can consider our impact. Read their FAQs for some compelling arguments about palm oil and the necessity to use high- yield crops. The company believes that "we can do the most good by focusing our efforts on pushing for a sustainable production of palm oil." Oatly highlights the importance of making conscious and informed decisions for the good of the planet. 12 ISSUE 84 / 2016 GUESTLIST It's clear that we cannot know everything about the products that we buy. Nor can we afford to buy 100% organic all the time, but we can try to make informed decisions for the benefit of our health and the places in which we live DJ EZ WILL DO A MARATHON 24 HOUR SET FOR CANCER RESEARCH UK DJ EZ announced today that he'll be working his magic on a set of decks for 24 hours. This ain't some desperate attempt to win records or anything, this extended set is all in the name of charity. Lad. The garage superstar will stream this special set from his site, from 6pm Saturday 27th April right the way through till the Sunday and hopes to raise a nice wad of cash for Cancer Research UK. Now that's a whole lot of garage music, but if anybody was up to the challenge it's certainly DJ EZ. Donate now for 24 hours of garage with DJ EZ 24 hour party people, listen up! WEIRD & WONDERFUL We've got more of the best tweets from the music world and beyond @BOSSdowdel Why are white people scared about becoming a minority in the 2040's? Are minorities treated badly in America or something? @bricklanecoffee Twitter: your jokes suck Instagram: your face sucks Snapchat: your life sucks Facebook: your family misses you and is also racist @The_Dolphin_Pub My favourite pancake topping is gin. #pancakeday @KAYTRANADA Shoutout to the Canadian music scene for being so out of touch @kcajnosduh "I'm on Tinder to make friends" "Sure, and I'm on PornHub to see if this plumber manages to fix this sink" @RelaxVibes when i said "netflix n chill," i meant "netflix n chill". stop tryna kiss me. watch this 9/11 conspiracy theory documentary or get tf out Next time someone complains about becoming a minority in their country, ask why being a minority is a problem. Food for thought! Every social media has a different personality. Some better than others! Matching alcohol with Pancake Day is the best thing since Pancake Day And a big shout out to creating Justin Bieber while we're at it too. Everyone knows why you're on Tinder, and the guys you're talking to are not looking for a friendzone! Jet fuel can't melt steel beams, so some people need to get their priorities straight. TWITTER TWATTER Follow @guestlistdotnet BEHIND THE BRAND: TESCO VS OATLY

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