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Released in December, [The Hateful Eight] is Tarantino's eighth film, boasting a solid cast in Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell and Tim Roth, with a cameo appearance from Channing Tatum. The film gives the viewers laughs, suspense and just about everything you'd expect from Tarantino. Set just after the American Civil War, the story follows eight characters, each on a path of their own, but as the film progresses their stories soon connect to provide us with an explosive climax. Any film buff wil pick up the many influences which have been used in the film, some of which taken from Tarantino's own works. It's nuts. Samuel L. Jackson did his classic monologue but much bigger than usual and is one to look out for. We don't want to say much in case we spoil it for you but for all those who have seen it, you know what we're talking about! 16 ISSUE 84 / 2016 FILM Another classic Tarantino film... REVIEW: THE HATEFUL EIGHT

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