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ISSUE 84 / 20016 17 FILM SUB-VISION RETURNS THIS MONTH The next SUB-VISION is on Wednesday 24th February at 7PM, Bring your own booze! IT'S FREE SUB-VISION After serving three years in prison for viciously murdering two black men, newly- reformed skinhead Derek Vineyard (Edward Norton) is released back outside to the real world on parole. Through the narration of Derek's younger brother, Danny, we learn that he used to be the leader of a gang of white supremacists. However, after realising that there is very little difference between white and black people in prison through befriending a black inmate, Derek changes his ways and is faced with the exceptional challenge of trying to prevent Danny from heading down the same road. The film uses constant flashbacks to the past, which are shot largely in black and white. This accentuates the negativity and bleakness of Derek's past, as well as getting the audience to think about the idea of the tension between blacks and whites, epitomised by one of most horrifying murders ever seen on screen. American History X is the furthest thing from light-hearted you could get. Tony Kaye's incredible exploration of neo-Nazism in America is a great insight into the effects of racism on both the victim and the perpetrator and is well worth 119 minutes of your time ESSENTIAL CINEMA: AMERICAN HISTORY X SUB-VISION is a monthly screening of thought provoking film, followed by an equally thought provoking discussion regarding the film we watch.

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