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18 ISSUE 84 / 2016 FILM In the space of two minutes, one drunk guy dances on his own making a fool of himself, but soon gains followers through his care- free attitude and easy to follow dance moves. He gathers a crowd as more people appreciate the energy and the crowd gains even more momentum from that. Derek explains how this scenario relates to bigger movements with the same psychology. Find the video "How to start a movement" at Billions in Change is the story of one man, Manoj Bhargava, who founded Innovation Ventures LLC which is known for producing the 5-Hour Energy drink which launched in 2003, by 2012 retail sales had grown to an estimated $1 billion. In 2015 Manoj pledged a staggering 99% of his net worth into bettering the well-being of humanity. Focusing on water, power and health, his top team of inventors have come up with mind-blowing creations that can purify dirty and sea water to "pharmaceutical" grades, electricity and heat that leave behind no carbon footprint whilst you exercise, and a machine which helps blood circulation. The concepts of the inventions alone were mindboggling, let alone the materials, breakdowns and applications of them. The information provided was incredibly eye- opening and provides food for thoughts whilst showing us just how well these inventions can work on a large scale. Billions in Change is incredibly awe- inspiring, showing us how simple inventions can help us all on a long term basis, both improving our standard of living and making us healthier. This is definitely, 100% a MUST watch! Manoj Bhargava, a billionaire businessman has pledged 99% of his wealth to the well-being of humanity. BILLIONS IN CHANGE: ONE MAN'S JOURNEY TO HELP THE WORLD In a fascinating TED Talk, Derek Silver explains how movements happen in society using a video of drunk people dancing. DOC TO WATCH HOW TO START A MOVEMENT FEATURED TED CONGRATULATIONS GUESTLIST TV! 1 million views on YouTube. Check out this video of Ansome with his Live Analogue Session. Google "Guestlist Ansome"

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