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GUESTLIST 2016 / ISSUE 84 21 TECHNOLOGY Don't expect to have an in- depth chat with the drinking robot, it can't speak, but it can most definitely drink you under the table. The creation of South Korean inventor, Eunchan Park, can clink glasses in celebratory fashion, complete a game of Centurion no problem, motion for ANOTHER drink, and it can even go red in the cheeks after knocking back a drink. Pouring alcohol into a jar has never been so much fun! So as you sit there, watching a lifeless machine prove how much of a lightweight you really are, after slamming down countless shots of the Jack Daniels you bought earlier from Tesco as it was on special offer, you can marvel in the future of technology. Already, before robots are even a thing, we're trying to corrupt them with our own gluttonous, alcoholic ways. Drinky is supposed to be a drinking companion, however, after going a few rounds with him, it will make you realise how pathetic your life has become... watching repeats of Casualty in the darkness has never been so depressing. For those of us out there who just can't seem to get out of bed in the morning, this app is our new best friend... or worst enemy. It's an alarm clock that only allows you to turn off the alarm after a simple game. We're definitely guilty of setting about six alarms in the morning; they usually start about an hour before we actually have to get up, if we don't want to be late. Part of it is wishful thinking that we may actually get up and become self-proclaimed 'morning people,' but mostly it's because we snooze at least five, if not six, of them. This app solves the multiple alarm conundrum, by effectively forcing the person to wake their brain up with some simple activities. It also gives you the option to snooze it, giving you a five minute grace period in the comfort of your covers before another alarm sounds and you have to complete one of the games in 30 seconds, or else an additional alarm will sound, thereby forcing you to get your ass up. In theory, this app could solve all our problems with waking up early, given none of us are good at reciting tongue twisters or matching colours and objects in our sleep. According to the beta testers over at Microsoft, the app works well for its intended purpose. It's also a perfect time for Microsoft to create such an app. With so many of us drowning in a list of New Year's resolutions, an early start to the day might make this time of year just slightly more productive. Right now, the app is only available for Android, but hopefully in the future we will see an iPhone counterpart. Apple, the multi-billion dollar company has been court ordered to pay $626 million in damages to VirnetX, a company which supposedly holds the patents for much of Apple's software, including iMessage and FaceTime. VirnetX has previously been labelled a "patent troll", being a company which only sells one product, has 14 employees and rents out office space for a staggering $5,000 a month. The company's main source of income is to license patents to other organisations and sue companies which they think have violated their intellectual property. Apple appealed against the original sum of $368 million and won, but they didn't get the victory they were hoping for as the final sum in damages that the jury came up with was almost double the original sum. TECH GIANT APPLE SUED FOR $626 MILLION Apple have been asked to pay $626 million after a patent dispute Find yourself sitting at home on again on a Friday night because all of your mates are too tired to go out or too busy looking after their kids? Fear not, Drinky is here for you, you lonely bastard Microsoft has revolutionised the alarm clock DON'T DRINK ALONE MIMICKER: THE APP FOR THE LATE-RISERS, ALARM-CLOCK- SNOOZERS, AND CAN'T-GET-OUT- OF-BED-ERS

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