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22 ISSUE 84 / 2016 TRAVEL In recent years there has been more emphasis on mad holidays to Central and Eastern Europe, taking the usual crowds of wild partygoers and 18 year old virgins away from the sun-soaked beaches of The Med, all thanks to the promise of cheap drinks. FIVE HAPPIEST CITIES IN EUROPE REVEALED 3. Berlin Berlin is the capital and palpitating heart of Germany. It has been labelled the best night out in Europe and can deliver on this statement with reasonably priced drinks, with an average bottle of beer in club about £2. The techno scene in Berlin is the biggest in the world, with the infamous Berghain club being described as the 'church' of techno music. 2. Prague Prague has a rising reputation as one of the world's best night spots and the fact that drinks here are the second cheapest in Europe (a pint of beer comes in at around £1) has helped its cause. Prague has an abundance of bars and clubs, and it is gaining a reputation as the new Amsterdam. Prostitution is legal, which has led to a rise in 'sex tourists', an array of middle-aged men on stag-dos looking to get laid. 1. Budapest Drinks in Budapest are the cheapest in Europe, with the average drink in a club costing half the price than that of most other European cities. Budapest is famous for its 'ruin bars', dilapidated buildings that have been converted into quirky bars, and many clubs have their own unique feel. The city also plays host to Sziget Festival, one of the longest and largest parties on earth. Over 400,000 people attended the 7 day festival last year With Europeans being the biggest drinkers on Earth, we thought it was only right to have a look at the cheapest places to get drunk on the continent. TOP THREE FOR: GETTING DRUNK ON THE CHEAP IN EUROPE Last month the European Commision released its yearly survey monitoring the happiness of Europeans across the continent and measuring their satisfaction with their local area. Contrary to what you would expect, it is actually the smaller, less populated cities that generally contain a happier population. 2. Copenhagen - Denmark 67% Very Satisfied 28% Satisfied The second happiest city in Europe is also the second happiest city in Denmark. Copenhagen is becoming a real tourist hotspot, no thanks to its open air weed markets! 3. Reykjavik - Iceland 66% Very Satisfied 31% Satisfied Reykjavik is the largest city in Iceland and has a reputation for being a particularly safe and tranquil place to live. It is also surrounded by beautiful scenery and hot springs. 4. Zurich - Switzerland 64% Very Satisfied 34% Satisfied Zurich has a reputation for being a great place to live. The financial centre of Switzerland, Zurich has international appeal and worldwide influence. 5. Graz - Austria 64% Very Satisfied 33% Satisfied The happiest city in Austria, Graz is a cultural hub, boasting some great museums and UNESCO World Heritage status. 1. Aalborg - Denmark 72% Very Satisfied 24% Satisfied Aalborg is officially the happiest city in Europe. The city boasts a great economy and great facilities, so if you're looking for that unusual holiday spot then Aalborg is the place! 10. Newcastle - UK 56% Very Satisfied 37% Satisfied Why aye! Geordies are the 10th happiest people in Europe. Newcastle does have a reputation for buzzing nightlife so maybe it was the ravers who were polled. 11. Belfast - UK 55% Very Satisfied 37% Satisfied 92% of Belfast's citizens are happy with their lives, the second highest percentage in the UK, and with some of the best pubs in the world there is no wonder it is rated so highly. 13. Cardiff - UK 53% Very Satisfied 40% Satisfied The Welsh capital has undergone a lot of regeneration within the past few years, becoming an ever increasingly popular destination for students. Now, 93% of residents express satisfaction with life in the city. HONOURABLE MENTIONS

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