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Hi Josh, what can we expect from you in 2016? A lot of new music for starters. Really looking forward to first original release on my good friend Kerri Chandler's label Kaoz Theory. I'm really excited to be a part of the label alongside artists like Seth Troxler, The Martinez Bros, Davide Squillace and more! I'm also doing plenty of touring. I'm back on the road now for the next few months in the UK, Ireland, Italy, Eastern Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East and more! Are you currently working on any projects that we should know about? Over the last couple of months I've been releasing a limited run of vinyl-only tracks under the alias Kahu. It's allowed me to explore some different areas of my musical tastes. I based the idea around the time I spent growing up in the North Island of New Zealand. The music is more stripped back and influenced by tribal rhythms and darker sounds. The project has been quite personal for me and really inspiring. I'm looking forward to getting the next one out. Do you have any big collaborations coming up? I'm working on quite a few collaborations actually, with Darius Syrossian, Hauswerks, Santé and more. I'm also in the studio with true house music royalty in a couple of weeks. But I'm not saying who just yet. What are you most in love with at the moment? Right at this moment...the original Mad House discography that I'm listening to. Kerri gave me a USB pen a couple of years back with the whole collection on. There's some unbelievable house music on there. What are you looking forward to the most? Heading back to New Zealand. Not only is it one of the most beautiful places in the world, but I'll also get to catch up with some old school friends that I've not seen for over ten years! At Guestlist we're always after the scoop, so can you tell us something about yourself that no one else knows? That my guilty pleasure is Coronation Street haha! Is a career in music what you've always wanted to do? Is it your dream job? I started making music at the age of about 12. I just liked to mess around with tape decks and basic computer programs but didn't realise until years later it could actually be a job. It came to a point about five years ago where I nearly had to give up on it all and try to find a traditional career path. I was still 'messing around' with sounds but making no money. Luckily all the pieces I had been pushing for over the years started to come together. It is 100% my dream job! What emotion do you want to bring out in people when they hear your songs? That all depends on the emotions I was feeling at the time of making the record. I'm a firm believer of letting the music making process flow naturally and it can sometimes be a great way for me to deal with things or express feelings. I rarely just make a track for the sake of it these days. Having meaning or reason for music is why it's called an art form. If they were to make a movie about your life, who would play you? Tough question. Probably David Mitchell (Mark from Peep Show). Hahaha. What is your favourite song of all time? Always such a hard question but I'm starting to narrow it down. One of my favourites is Pink Floyd 'Welcome To The Machine'. What is your life motto? Don't be a knob. AKA treat people as you want to be treated. ISSUE 84 / 20016 27 Josh Butler has been making movements on the house scene. He's already released tracks on a number of prestigious labels and played at some of the biggest clubs in the world. We chatted to the man himself to find out more about his tracks and future plans " Having meaning or reason for music is why it's called an art form " JOSH BUTLER follow @joshbutlermusic Interviewed by: Tom Higson HOUSE INTERVIEW

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