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What was your earliest childhood memory with regards to music? My earliest childhood memory of music was when I was a baby brought up in a Jamaican household with most of the family regularly playing reggae music. In my infant years someone in the family would be having a party just about every other weekend and the house would be buzzing to the sound of classic R&B like Al Green or Ken Booth and Trojan records. When did you start Djing? I started to DJ around the time I was hanging out with my friends in my teens at about the age of 13, we used to spend hours listening to records. But didn't get my first turntable till I was about 17 years old. I used to mix between a vintage Technics and a JVC cassette recorder, although during this period in the mid 80s I was a keen drummer in our group of budding musicians. How would you describe your sound? Describing my sound is a tricky question as I like many genres of music. These days I mostly play all sorts of house and tech grooves, but I would say it's a funky energetic vibe with feeling, engineered with love and passion or deep soul tech steering away from commercial chart stuff. Dance Energy was one of the most popular music shows in the UK in the 90's, would you like to see it revived or would you do something similar again? It's great to realise all these years later that Dance Energy was actually as popular and meaninful to so many people's lives. Over the years I have heard so much positive feed back as how it was a staple diet to many as an entertaining and informative primetime programme. Much of the content was ground breaking and celebrated what was happening in the world of music, style and happenings in my generation. It would be great to have a studio based show of today that represented what was happening now, as there really is so much more talent now than ever that just doesn't get the same amount of exposure on TV. Having said that I do believe that today and looking forward the viewing population has it seems been turned towards the internet, thus leaving a huge gap in primetime TV programming. It would be great to be to see a weekly programme that truly represented the best and new generation of what is really happening in dance music. What producers are you really feeling at the moment? There are way too many producers to choose from right now as so much music is being made. A Guy called Gerald has been around for decades and is still at the forefront of producing and performing live electronic sounds. Constantly working in his own indiviual and uncomprising style. Kate Simko from Chicago, a classically trained musician and brilliant DJ, has been working her live show with the London Electronic Orchestra combining house with live strings and vocals. Her album will drop soon. MR.C the man behind the 90's hit group Shamen, chart topping single 'Ebeneezer Good' and the END club. He's a mainstay in the world of dance music, releasing amazing electronic and techno flavours on his Superfreq label to this day and soon to be starting a new group ReVolt - it has got roots based in dub, ska and punk, drum and bass, dubstep, breakbeat and acid house infused. If you could create a new genre of music, what would you call it? BOTH – Beats of the Heart Name one track from the 90's that still goes off now? 'Jump Around' – House of Pain. You have a new residency at Proud once a month, what can the crowd expect from your sets? I would expect the unexpected, though it will be filled with music to move the crowd. A mixture of quality classics and underground grooves with a strong emphasis on dancing. Have you been producing any music recently? I haven't had time to produce my own music although have worked on a couple of tracks with other producers that will be releasing soon, so watch this space. If you were banished to a desert island and could take 3 famous people with you , dead or alive . Who would you take and why would you take them? Bob Marley for his vibes and music, Nelson Mandela for his strength, compassion and knowledge, Cleopatra as I would really like to know the truth of what was going on all those years ago. ISSUE 84 / 20016 29 An iconic and prolific individual, Normski has worked in the fields of music, TV, clubs and media for over 20 years. Since the beginning of 2012 he has started a new show online for Hoxton FM called 'GeT.Tronic', specialising in all things house and electronic and featuring fellow world renowned guest DJs such as Simon Baker, A Guy Called Gerald, PBR Streetgang and more. He took some time out of his busy schedule to give us some insight into the world of Normski " It would be great to see a weekly programme that truly represented the best and new generation of what is really happening in dance music" INTERVIEW: NORMSKI follow @mistanormsk By: Joe Le Groove HOUSE

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