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Well done Greece Canadian Prime Minister Gets Multiculturalism Weed industry worth $20bn by 2020 Locals living on Greek islands are to be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, following heroic and selfless efforts in rescuing and looking after refugees arriving on their shores, often giving up their own jobs for the cause. This is a shining example to governments and people across Europe. Greece has often been known for open minds and hearts. A cloud of weed smoke is drifting over the U.S, and as consumption grows so does the industry. In the last 12 months, the U.S cannabis industry was worth $5.4bn, a surprisingly large amount with only four states legalizing the 'erb. A report carried out by a cannabis analytics firm claimed that marijuana sales have gone up 184% on last year and with the expected legali- sation of weed in other U.S states, the industry is expected to be worth $20bn by 2020. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, has said the solution to different cultures living together peacefully is in education. Talking at the World Economic Forum, Trudeau argued that diversity of cultures in the same schools sets up success later in life for multiculturalism. THE NIGHT TUBE - WHEN WILL IT ARRIVE? The people of London have been waiting at the night tube platform for a while now and it still hasn't arrived. Will it ever? Not anytime soon. Should cannabis be legalised? That is the question that has been debated for decades. Now a 79 year old has decided to take the lead in the crusade to legalise the plant by joining the mayoral campaign After TFL told us their plans for a 24 hour weekend tube service, issues such as pay disputes and uncertainty of how many night shifts drivers have to work have ground the plans to a halt. It doesn't look like we'll see it for a while now, as the plans have been paused until May 2016 for the London Mayoral Election. We want to go out clubbing and come back in a state on the underground, but instead the night tube is now being used as political football. Politicians, Sort it out. Tube drivers, appreciate having a job that can pay you £50k :). With backing from the multi-millionaire founder of the social networking site Bebo, Lee Harris is now attempting to gather a total of 330 signatures, one from each borough as well as £20,000 in order to compete against the Tory and Labour candidates. Being one of the first to seek prohibition of Cannabis in the UK, Mr Harris is now hoping to "undo the damage" he assisted in causing decades ago by now becoming the party candidate for CISTA (cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol). He states that the laws which prohibit cannabis within the UK are wrong as well as highlighting the medical uses of the herb and arguing that the UK must change with the times. WEED CAMPAIGNER RUNNING FOR LONDON MAYOR GOOD STUFF 4 ISSUE 84 / 2016 LONDON NEWS

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