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You've formed organically, carved out your own niche, was that always the vision from when you started? I think it's kind of like that's the root of it all, the organic chemistry, and the vibe we had and all these different things we were trying to pull in and it immediately got tested. We got opportunities, but we always got asked, "what are you, are you this and this and this?"but we were never ready to say what we were because we had so much to do before we could even say that, and now obviously we have an album under our belts but we still feel that growth and really just the process is the return, that's what you really feel, ya know? The inspiration and that's the best part about it. The UK has really embraced you guys, what was the inital meet- ing, how did it actually come together? We met at a college party, and this is when we were just starting, we went to different schools but we just crossed over but we didn't really link again until 4 years later, and we just met through friends again and we just hit it off. The first thing we did when Jill was going school studying dance and the she asked if I would be down to work with her and score a piece for the choreography she was doing, and we shared a lot of similar musical influences, creative influences in general and outlook on just making things and being down to embrace all sorts of styles to create your own style. The first tune we made is a song called called Treat Me Like Fire and we talked about making music and we didn't really start, and one day I went over to her spot and was just playing beats for her, and in the kitchen I heard singing along and I was like, "Woah, that sounds dope, we should record that!" and that was just the beginning, we finished the song eventually because we weren't doing it full time but then, right at the end of 2012 we put it out and our first tune was out there. Jump Hi really cemented your credibility as artists, tell us about it. Actually, that beat, where we sam- pled Nina Simone, I think I made that in the same week as Treat Me Like Fire there was just something going on, and that was something we were just sitting on for a while, but we met up with Childish Gam- bino when he asked us to open for his gig, and we had never met him before, but we met him backstage and he's a super cool dude and we just hit it off. A couple of weeks later he was like, "I'm gonna be in New York" and he came through and we were just playing music and he said, "I really like this" and we were like, "You wanna get on it?" and we sent it to him and a week later he sent back the verse and we finished up some things on it and yeah. What's it like collaborating with Pharrell Williams? So yeah, I mean, Wonder Woman was made with Pharrell and it was an amazing experience, he was one of our second sessions ever and it was one of those things that's very surreal, and just excit- ing, I felt like Wonder Woman that day so I think that's how the song emerged. He's been very supportive about the whole thing. Everyone's been supportive about what we have, not trying to take away from what we have, but add to what we've done. What can we expect so soni- cally and lyrically from your new album? "For us it's all about tapping into different vibes we like and then making it our own and then ulti- mately Lion Babe's. But as far as the message goes, it's a celebra- tion of yourself and your unique- ness and really embracing yourself and just taking it where you want to take it." ISSUE 84 / 20016 35 HIP HOP & RNB follow @LionBabe " For us it's all about tapping into different vibes we like and then making it our own and then ultimately Lion Babe's. But as far as the message goes, it's a celebration of yourself and your uniqueness and really embracing yourself and just taking it where you want to take it. " Interviewed by: Mr Wondah The Neo Soul duo, Lion Babe recently had an interview with Mr Wondah about their newly released album, Begin. The group formed in 2012 were the two members, Jillian Hervey and Lucas Goodman reached international fame with their single, "Treat Me Like Fire." INTERVIEW: LION BABE

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