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President Obama has announced a huge reduction on the amount of days someone can be kept in solitary confinement Citing devastating psychological damage as a reason, Obama stated that the practice was being "overused" in the federal prison system. There are currently 100,000 prisoners located in solitary confinement. Obama has aimed to tackle these huge figures by reducing how long someone can be placed in 'the hole' for a first offence from 365 days to just 60. President Obama's legacy is facing challenges following a number of controversial deaths of African-Americans in police custody. With nearly one million African Americans currently incarcerated in the U.S prison system, it seems that the President wants to positively reform the U.S prison system, something that is well needed. BARACK OBAMA STARTS THE WAR ON SOLITARY CONFINEMENT @guestlistdotnet Who has been ON or OFF this month? 2016 / ISSUE 84 5 WORLD The 2-time Oscar winner met up with Angela Merkel to show his support for Germany's open-door policy towards those running away from the conflict in Syria. Jeb tweeted out a picture of a gun engraved with his name and the caption 'America'. Outraging many users by glamourising guns in a country plagued by gun violence. After releasing her new album [Anti], RiRi tweeted out a link for her supporters to download the standard MP3 version for free, citing it as a 'A gift to my Navy'. The American rapper has pledged $1 million worth of bottled water to help out the people of Flint, Michigan during the city's ongoing water crisis. That mouthy bird from TOWIE reportedly charged a fan £12 for a photo with her. Where does that amount even come from!? George Clooney JEB BUSH RIHANNA THE GAME GEMMA COLLINS ON POINT OFF KEY ON POINT OFF KEY ON POINT " How can we subject prisoners to unnecessary solitary confinement, knowing its effects, and then expect them to return to our communities as whole people? " NEWS 365 • Amount of days you used to be able to be kept in solitary confinement • Reversed Bush Torture Policies • Set in motion new laws to curb gun violence • Implemented the No Child Left Behind Act OBAMA

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