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ISSUE 84 / 20016 41 HIP HOP & RNB follow @ItsJustCONFZ Can you tell us about yourself? First and foremost I'm a rapper, I started to rap when one of my boys from my area in Stratford - Thatched House - made a song on MySpace. He lived down the road and made a sick song, I thought wow! I could be mak- ing songs, this was when I was about 14/15. It died out, and then three years ago it got serious. Confz is a musician, a rapper and an artist. So you were inspired by people in your area? Yeah about 80% of the people in my area were rappers, noth- ing serious, it was a hood thing. What was the first song you listened to this morning? Because I recently released H'East Side, I check the views each morning, so that was es- sentially the first! Asides from that it was Lil Herb - 4 Minutes of Hell Freestyle, just to get me gassed. You just mentioned H'East Side, it's a big song, what was the vibe behind the song? Thank you. H'East Side was the last song I made for my mixtape 'The East End Agreement', now, coincidentally, it is the first song that appears on the mixtape. I was working on The East End Agreement, and had 20-30 songs, so we had to cut it down, I needed an anthem, an anthem for the entire project. My producer Liam sent me a beat he was working on, I knocked it out the same day and sent it back, the rest is his- tory. It became an anthem for my project. Every artist wants to be unique, but are there any artists out there who inspire your music? Well yeah, if you're a fan of anything and want to pursue a craft, all your idols will inspire you in some way. U.K. wise? Ghetts and Kano... throw in Wretch as well. Above all they set the bar for me, on my k700i it was just Ghetts, Freedom of Speech, Ghetto Gospel and all of his Tim Westwood Freestyles. They set the bar for me. If you want to go into American rappers, Eminem, and 2Pac's deeper stuff inspired me on a conscious level, but yeah Emi- nem also inspired me alot. Are there any artists who you would like to work with in the future? Yeah, Ghetts, Kano & Wretch! Right now I think Avelino is hard, Mostacks hard, Stormzy, you have Nines and Skrapz, they're too sick, they're my guys, I'd love to make a track with any one of them. So do you have any projects that you're currently working on? My mixtape came out via GRM Daily, so now my focus is singles and freestyles. I don't have any projects. I have work there but I'm not releasing it. So do you feel as if you won't release anything if it's not of a certain standard? Of course, I released something cause I hadn't put anything out in a while, I wasn't really happy with it and the feedback was semi-good. I was like from now on I'm not releasing anything that isn't 100% on it, because after you put it out, it's there forever. Everyone in this business is a perfectionist of some sort. So what is your life motto? I don't really have one, but I'd say 'Whatever scenario you go into, look at the bigger picture' Also look at two sides of a story, because things can just blow up. Other than that? Fuck bitches, make money haha. Money or Fame? Money Weapon of Choice? Rocket Launcher Who would play you in a film about your life? Anyone that looks like me, I get called 2 Chainz and Future, so any of them. Favourite historical figure? Bruce Lee or Sun Tzu. If you were Prime Minister what law would you change? Let's bring Swegway's back. Your favourite song of all time? I have a few, Bob Marley and Lauryn Hill - Turn Your Lights Down Low, Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal and Lil Wayne - Pussy Money Weed. What's your least favourite song of all time? What was that song we were talking about earlier? 'Never gonna give you up…' I hate that song! What's your favourite sports team? Arsenal, of course. Do Aliens exist? By definition yeah, extraterres- trials? Yeah Area 51, things like that To be honest no, but it's a possibility, because nothing is definite in this universe. Any last words or shout outs? You shouldn't have asked me that, it'll go on forever. Down- load 'The East End Agreement' and listen to 'H'East Side'... I'm Confz and I'm out! Interviewed by: Tommy " Everyone in this business is a perfectionist of some sort." Guestlist caught up with the talented East London rapper, Confz, following the release of his first mixtape, 'The East End Agreement' INTERVIEW: CONFZ

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