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How's it going? What have you been doing since you arrived in London? Danny: This morning some of us went to the Tate, we walked around a bit, it's so beautiful. I think we were sort of expecting to wake up and have it be grey again but it's perfect right now, and we've just been meeting some other people that we work with over here and wandering around. The show tonight is sold-out, you must be really excited. Danny: Yeah it's basically a dream come true. You dream about travelling and playing music for other people, and to come over here for the first time and have the show be sold-out is really incredible. You only uploaded your first track in the summer and this is your first time playing in London, so you're still relatively new to us, but it must have taken a lot of work to get to this point right? Max: Absolutely. On the one hand, this is all very new to us as well, in the sense of playing shows like this and travelling to different countries, but no this process has been a while in the making, for Dan and I. Danny: We basically moved to Rockaway a little less than two years ago and just started working on this project, and really it took us all of that time to really sort out the sound and channel it into the project it is now. The mix of indie and electronic, has that always been your style or did that really only come into play when you started this project? Danny: So Max and I have actually been best friends since we were like nine years old or so, and we played in a bunch of different bands together, and I think that the mix you're talking about really came into life in this project, when Max and I started talking about trying to make the music that only the two of us could make. When we got down to it and really considered all of our influences and the places where we began our interest in music, we traced those paths back to the sound where we currently are. And what about moving to Rockaway - has that influenced the sound at all? Max: I think 100%. It first came about just because we were going out there to surf and we were hanging out there. We had started the process but it was fairly early on, and we started to realise that the one thing that Rockaway has that we felt really embodied our music was the combination of the natural world with the beach, and the industrial grit of the city. We came to see that as embodying our sound. And your new EP has just come out. You must be really pleased with the reaction that it's getting? Danny: Yeah it's pretty incredible. I think that whenever you work so hard on something on your own for a long time, just to be able to share it with anybody feels great. Max: I think part of comes from the fact that we've been sitting on this project for so long, and for so long it only existed as a studio project, like we're the only ones that heard the music. And are you working on an album? Danny: We are yes, it's almost finished actually. Max: We're deep in an album. Danny: Actually when we released 'Loud(y)', we had like a full album already written basically, so we've continued writing and we have a bunch of new stuff but pretty much all the songs are more or less written for it. We actually head into the studio to start post- production on Monday. Good! You're coming back over in May for the Great Escape, have you got a full on schedule for the summer in terms of shows? Max: It's still developing. Danny: Yeah we're still sorting it out right now, but that run is going to be really fun. We love it here so far. We haven't played yet but hopefully tonight will be really fun and we can't wait to come back frankly, already. So my last question is, what are most looking forward to for 2016? Max: It's kind of a simple album but honestly, putting out that album I think is going to feel amazing. We've been working on it for so long. Danny: We have such a great crew of people that are with us right now, playing the live band and helping us realise the vision for this project. I'm really looking forward to making great music and art and great work with them, they're all such talented people and strong minds, and I think it's going to be really fun to see the world with them. I can't wait. 7 2016 Issue 84 INDIE 51 Rockaway Beach-based duo Lewis Del Mar – Max Harwood and Danny Miller – only burst onto the scene last summer when they uploaded their debut track 'Loud(y)' to SoundCloud. Immediate buzz followed, as did comparisons to the likes of Foals and Alt-J. Now they've just dropped their first EP and have cemented themselves as ones to watch in 2016. We had a chat with the guys ahead of their first-ever London show at the Waiting Room in Stoke Newington "To come over here for the first time and have the show be sold-out is really incredible" INTERVIEW: LEWIS DEL MAR follow @LewisDelMar Interviewed by : Christina Dean

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