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got a point. only managed to find 2 black DJs in the whole world that could make their top 100 list. When we look at the origins of music in this scene, most of it has roots in Africa and traditional African music. Now music is for everyone, but when we look at the progression of music, people of African heritage are hugely responsible, and to only state that only 2 black DJs are worthy to make the top 100 list raises the question: Who is making the list? What's funny is that after Atkins commented on Facebook, the 2 black DJs on the list, Carl Cox and Carnage, magically went from #99 and #100 to #46 and #68 - WTF! On top of that, David Guetta made the #1 spot, so it's probably not THE list to be on anyway. Atkins has lost sleep over this and to be honest if we created a whole genre of music and felt the people putting in the effort were not being recognized, we'd be pretty pissed off too. Placing 2 black DJs out of 100 best DJs in the world is a big problem - it's 2016! More at There's been a lot of talk recently on the DJ scene about the top 100 DJ list by, and specifically that only a few black DJs were mentioned. This was brought to light by one of the founding fathers of Detroit techno, Juan Atkins, who posted his thoughts to Facebook: "The only 2 black DJs on the list are #99 and #100." He went on to say, "That's a slap in the face of the entire black race basically." It doesn't take a genius to realise he's EAT: There's some real gems hidden away in Leytonstone, like Singburi. A real favourite among the locals, Singburi is an authentic Thai restaurant offering great value and even better food. DRINK: If you're looking for a bit of character, The Red Lion offers craft beers, guest ales, a DJ every weekend, and an unexpectedly huge beer garden. Oh, and Damon Albarn has been known to play impromptu gigs here. CLUB: Don't expect any wild club nights in Leytonstone. What it does have to offer though is the increasingly popular Luna Lounge, which hosts various live events. SEE: When coming out of Leytonstone station, you will notice the various mosaics dedicated to local-boy turned Hollywood legend, Alfred Hitchcock. Step outside the station and there's The Stone Space, a place for modern art to be shared and critiqued. IT'S A LEYTONSTONE TING Leytonstone? Where have you heard that name before? If we were to say the immortal phrase "You ain't no Muslim bruv", we're sure your memories will be jogged ISSUE 84 / 20016 7 GUESTLIST ONLY 2 BLACK DJS ON A TOP 100 LIST - WTF? SMELLS DODGY release top 100 DJ list with only 2 black DJs making the cut 6 DJs that could be on this list: 1. FABIO 2. JAZZY JEFF 3. DJ PREMIER 4. JAMIE JONES 5. KERRI CHANDLER 6. GROOVERIDER YOUTUBE MILLIONAIRE GIVES BACK TO CREATIVE MINDS Jamal Edwards of SB. TV has decided to give back to creative people who wish to start a business. As well as the eight million pounds that has been amassed by a number of business people including Jamal Edwards, thousands of pounds have also been invested from the public., up and running from the 20th January, will give business tips and advice on funding. This will include a database for aspiring entrepreneurs with creative minds to search for grants and other forms of funding, but only if their ideas cover film, architecture, theatre, design or music. L E Y T O N S T O N E

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