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GUESTLIST 2016 / ISSUE 84 9 GUESTLIST A basic business plan always starts off with a mission statement, stating what the business would like to achieve and what its goals are – essentially why you are starting a business. Once you understand this you can then begin to plan what your next steps are such as who your competition is, what your demographic is and most importantly why people will choose you over your competitors i.e. what you are going to do better. This is a fundamental key to any company and is an advert for your business and more importantly yourself. Regardless of what industry you are in you never know when your big break or the next opportunity will come and when it does comes you need to grab it with both hands. Make sure you get some quality ones too – no business card is better than a bad one. A great business always starts with a great team, you should surround yourself with people who want you and your business to succeed. It would be advantageous to have people who are more experienced than you in their roles in the business, this will then drive you to work more and will motivate the entire team – great team players push each other to do better. In the business world, opportunity can strike at any moment – just like inspiration comes to a musician. The trick is to be ready when it hits you, here are three tips to remember when starting out your business. Business Cards Your Team Business Plan There are many keys to a successful business but it always starts with you. THE ZONG MASSACRE 1781 133 enslaved Africans were thrown overboard after the crew made navigational mistakes and ran low on water. The slaves had been insured as cargo and the Liverpool-based ship owners tried to claim compensation for 'lost stock' when they reached Black River, Jamaica. The Zong case became an important moment in the British freedom movement and features heavily in the 2013 British film, Belle, which looks at race in the 18th century. BAD HISTORY Here @Guestlist there are plenty of us who enjoy a smoke, but big tobacco brands are the only profiteers from this habit of slowly killing ourselves. We take a look at shady stuff tobacco companies have got up to WHERE THERE'S SMOKE THERE'S FIRE British American Tobacco accused of bribing politicians across Africa. The US has accused them of paying people off to cover up scandals and protect their reputation. The number of adult smokers in Africa is expected to rise from 77 million (in 2013) to 572 million by the end of the century, and so represents a huge amount of profit for the tobacco giant. More secrecy with the European Union. The European Commision has said that it will ignore 'voluntary guidelines' and will not publicise the details of official meetings with the tobacco industry. The close relationship has grown very suspicious in recent years, with former senior EU staff leaving to become tobacco lobbyists and a Health commissioner has been fired for misconduct. Imperial Tobacco - a wolf in sheep's clothing. Imperial Tobacco (the world's fourth largest tobacco company) has made a very subtle name change to Imperial Brands. This might not seem like a big deal, but the tobacco industry has a long history of psychological advertising - this is another move up Imperial's sleeve in distancing themselves from their deadly product. GET YOUR BUSINESS GROWING

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