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Cut, Punch and Mount (C.P.M.) Cut, Punch and Mount (C.P.M.) // 6695 Business Parkway Elkridge, MD 21075 USA 1.410.796.6400 tel 1.800.645.0854 tel 1.410.796.0589 fax 1.800.348.2426 fax E3 © Copyright 1998-2019 Agam Group, Ltd. All Rights Reserved, ATC-V09-E1-ENG (2019.01) α α L ( ) = + * w h tan cos Channel Side Extrusion Cuts C1 CPM1 CPM2 F5 Measure the longest distance F1 F3 Cutting Diagrams Measure the longest distance G1 G3 G5 Cutting Diagrams Flat Side Extrusion Cuts Extrusions Cut at 90° Angles Cut, punched and mounted. CBX connectors included. F2 F4

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