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GUESTLIST 2016 / ISSUE 87 21 TRAVEL 1. How much is rent? For a room: 300-500. For a studio apartment: 650 - 800. We're talking Euros. 2. Good place for a coffee? I like Blau. It's an Italian place. Italians know how make good coffee! But it is not exaclty a coffee place it is snack bar or tapas 3. Good place for a beer? Black Lab is good for beer. 4. Why do you love living there? Barcelona is a great place if you want to mingle with international people, have lots of parties, like the beach and the mountains. It's really well located; not too far from the mountains to ski, great beaches and lots of bars! 5. Any downsides to the city? Barcelona is super busy. There are always many tourists so the city is very loud. People come and go a lot. Three of my phones got stolen here so you have to be very careful of pick pockets. Especially around Las Ramblas. 6. Best piece of advice you could give to someone coming for the first time? You definitely have to go to Electro Picnic on a Sunday when you are in Barcelona in the Summer. Other than that, there are so many things to discover. It really depends what you like! Get out and explore! TO LIVE IN: BARCELONA Barcelona is one of the most magical cities in the world. We spoke to Lisa to find out why living in Barcelona is so great.

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