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Hey welcome to Guestlist. How are you? Had a deadline on a remix for Positiva to complete and haven't slept in 36 hours, so I'm knackered, invigorated and chilled. But not always in that order. Describe yourself in 3 words Straight Outta Yorkshire You've just released your single 'Trust Me' on BBC Radio 1 DJ Danny Howards label. How did you get discovered by Danny? Danny heard Trust Me on 1xtra. Cameo was playing it and Danny hit me up the next day. So thanks Cameo ! Do you have any tour dates coming up this summer? I'll be back in Ibiza and getting over to Magaluf as well. I'm back at Ministry Of Sound in September as well. If you could have created one track what would it be? AVH 'The Funk Phenomenon'. I love it so much I can spell it correctly. What is your life motto? Turn up the bass. What was your first ever CD? I started out on vinyl for DJing and the only CDs I've bought have been sample CDs for production. Boring answer I know... Do you have any upcoming releasing you can tell us about? I have new tracks with Rachel K Collier and Duane Harden in the pipeline. I've also updated 'Special' with a new mix for 2016 and it's currently on a loop in my car. I can't wait to get that out there. And finally…how did you manage to get Helena Bonham Carter to be a voiceover in the video for 'Trust Me'?! Helena initially wanted to drop 16 bars of rap over Trust Me but it wasn't quite working when we got her in the studio. So we went for a spoken part over the video instead. That's a lesson to us all - stick to what you're good at. ISSUE 87 / 20016 27 After his smash release, "99 souls – The girl is mine", which absolutely battered your grandmas kitchen radio during spring, Ryan Blyth has already knocked out his next release on Radio 1's, Danny Howards label - "Nothing else matters". Ryan Blyth x After 6 – "Trust Me", features a guest narration from famous British actress, Helena Bonham Carter which intriduces you to the visuals for the track. We cornered him after 36 hours of no sleep to find out a little more about what makes this hard working Yorkshire lad tick, or at least what we could in 1 and a half minutes! "I haven't slept in 36 hours, so I'm knackered, invigorated and chilled. But not always in that order." INTERVIEW: RYAN BLYTH follow @djryanblyth HOUSE Cristina Trujillo | Guestlist

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