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How are things? They're going good, they're going good, Andrew here has been nagging me, "it's booming, it's booming, it's booming" it's ripping, it's been lovely. It's just really nice to have Kathy in the UK anyhow, even if the record wasn't blowing up, it's just sort of nice to be going places with the tune we brought out a while back. I felt like it's the right time, like we were talking about earlier on, the music now is to a certain degree sort of the same, and it's like to bring back a lot of the old rave stuff and the old house sound and garage and it just felt right, it really did feel right. We just started a new label up and we wanted to take control of our music and kind of bring some of the big, big classic singers like Kathy back up there, cause it's all just so much the same now and it's just getting dull. It just needs that injection of proper singers and proper music, not screaming. Not only that, we didn't want it to be the same way as well, cause people always turn round the track over and over and over so this time when Andrew contacted me, I was like you know what, let me just re-vocal it and you guys can kinda do what you want to do with it, you know, run with it, do what you gotta do, but at least if it comes back to me I can give it a little more me, and make it a little fresher. The whole process of doing it and getting it together and the way things have taken off with the track itself and the way people have really sort of warmed to it is just brilliant. Did you think it was going to get such a solid response? I never expected it to. We put a couple of remixes out that we thought, personally, the guys that we got on board to do the remixes, we thought the people might go for those remixes, Radio 1, Vanilla Ace, people like that, and to find out the first weekend that it wasn't going to be played and I was driving home I think and I was listening to Annie's show and I could hear it coming on, and I was thinking, "hold on a minute, they're playing it, they're playing it now! I can't believe it!" and we didn't expect that, then the day after, Danny Howard was playing it as well which was like, what the hell?! It was brilliant. Let's talk about the tune, it was first release in 1994, and then again in 1997, it got to No. 1 Each time it hit Top of the Pops twice, each time it came out it hit hard, even the one year bootleg which was, when these guys never got what they should've from that point, because they were the ones who started it, but it went for a year, bootlegged, before London even touched it. It has a life of its own, since 1994, I can't believe it's still doing it. It's one of those vocals, the kind of situation we're in now with music is obviously, the amount of producers, I say loosely, "producers" that get an a capella and download a copy of Logic and put a mash up together or put something together, it's iconic because of that and you have to thank that to a certain degree but I think you can have vocals like that that are just kind of redone and redone but when they're done as a bootleg, they're done right. The funny part about this song is, never has there been really a video and it still survived. Tell me something about your life that stayed the same, the same as in '94. I'm still true to what I love doing and who I am in my music, so I'm still there. I just went back in time so I still look the same, only difference is in that time machine I had long hair back then, it's been a good time really doing it. I think for me, it's like, on a profession level it's just staying true to who you are and what you do and kind of, never try and adapt who you are to what's going on now, you know? It's just, you can and reinvent yourself and change yourself I think for me, it's like, on a profession level it's just staying true to who you are and what you do and kind of, never try and adapt who you are to what's going on now, you know? It's just, you can and reinvent yourself and change yourselfbut if you stay true to your values, your music, the way you do things, your time will come 28 ISSUE 87 / 2016 House legend Kathy Brown has collaborated with the great duo, The Sol Brothers to set up Drenched Records, so we invited them down to have a chat with us and see just how they're getting on. INTERVIEW: KATHY BROWN HOUSE Cristina T. | Guestlist

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