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So, what was your first thought this morning when you woke up? Um, I've got writing to do? Trust me, that's the first thing to do. So if you could play a gig any- where in the world, where would you play? I'd probably like to play in Amster- dam, I go Amsterdam every year and I've seen some people into the music that we do and I think it would be good to get some over there and show them some grime! What is the message you like to get across in your music? I like to show that you can come from nothing and be something, go somewhere, like if you just work hard enough, with your whole passion and everything, if you hold that with you, you can get there. That's kind of how I hope my style and how I rap comes across. Just strive to be the best you can be. Just to jump onto the subject of Don't Flop, when did you first get into rap battling? I got into it about four years ago, I think Matter, who is another rapper from Leeds, was already in there doing his thing and he basi- cally said he thought I'd do good in the leagues. He said I should just try and show them my style. He got me a try out and spoke to Eurgh (Don't Flop founder) and they got me an event at The Wardrobe and it just went from there! It was a good debut and it's carried on ever since. Keeping on the subject of Don't Flop, how did it feel when fellow (US) battle rapper Daylyt got naked on stage? We saw the video many times, but how was it actually being there? It's funny because I had been following him [Daylyt] for maybe about a month before I battled him and I saw he likes to do a lot of weird pranks and stuff in his battles from dressing up like a KKK member to friggin' sleeping on stage so to be honest I was expecting something but I didn't know what! So when it happened I just thought, oh my god what is happening here. He definitely got me there, made a spectacle of ev- erything. But, it was funny. I was just thinking 'I hope he doesn't touch me…' Sounds interesting for sure, you need abit of fun here and there during battles. So, just a quick fire round of questions: Heaven or Hell? Heaven Worst UK city? Norwich Fave UK city? Obviously, Leeds. Legalise Cannabis? Yes. And what would you be doing if you weren't doing music? I'd be probably doing art. I've got a real steady hand, I'm not great with coming up with my own ideas but I have quite a photographic memory so if I draw something, I can draw it exact. When I was 16, I had the choice of music college or art college and I just decided to go with music. But, I did have a promising thing in both. If this life of music didn't go as you planned in the next few years and you wanted to do art, how would you go about getting into it again? Well I'm into fan art and concept art so maybe if I got my skills up abit more, because I'm probably quite rusty with a pen now. But, if I could, I would start drawing again and see if I could get into that part of the industry. I think I've got a good imagination, I'm really into Manga and Anime, I'm like a strict geek innit, I'm a prop- er geek. I'm a huge Pokemon fan. You should see my Instagram… That's great to see that differ- ent side to you. Just to wrap it up, what has been your proudest moment? Proudest moment ever? I think it was the day my daughter were born. I think a lot of that just put life into perspective for me, that's why I felt like right now I've gotta become this person because I've brought someone else into this world. Really proud moment. How sweet! Now, on the other hand to end it all off, what has been your shittest moment? Probably when I was supposed to be on stage performing with Logan Sama but I ended up getting into an altercation with someone and I actually ended up getting thrown out of the club so I couldn't perform! It was such a big moment because it was in Leeds too. So, yeah that was pret- ty shit. I mean no one really knew about it, they were just like 'Oh where is he? Where's he gone?!' Really does sound shit man! INTERVIEW DIALECT ISSUE 87 / 20016 37 HIP HOP & RNB "I like to show that you can come from nothing and be something, go somewhere." Don't flop vet Dialect opens up about his artistic side ! Megan Haynes | Guestlist follow @Dialect1

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