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NEWS: FROM THE BIG APPLE TO THE BIG SMOKE Another prime-time party banger. New York's biggest drum & bass party is coming to London. "Hailing from the State's east coast, BP² are throwing a huge party in London this November. The first promoter to represent drum & bass on two continents. The group is a combination of two different crews, Boss Party and Boom Patrol. Joining forces in 2012 they've quickly become one of the most respected promoters in New York. November 12th will be there first show, coinciding with their 4th anniversary in New York. Throwing two huge parties in both cities with a live stream to link them together. BP² will sure have to pull of some mad party, but with the mad respect they have and ties to the scene here we're sure that it'll be something special." "Futurecast gets Jungle Strikes to it's 10 release supplying another huge party rocking selection. Living up to their bootleg, craziness Futurecast has cooked up so real fun madness. It's his record Coco Loco, a fast paced amen slaughtering beat, that really will blow up the dance. If you like your jungle bouncy and cheeky then this one's for you. The well known sample will capture everyone's attention before that clash of amens and bass tears a new one, making this one a certified party starter! More fun loving party centric jungle drum & bass from Jungle Strikes " TRACK OF THE MONTH: COCO LOCO - FUTURECAST ARTIST OF THE MONTH: FRICTION Friction opened a new label to focus on the dance floor. "Those who listen to his show will know that Friction loves the whole spectrum of drum & bass and as such, finds himself making tunes that don't hit the Shogun niche. So enter Elevate Audio, a new label from him that will bring ""straight up, uncompromising dance floor drum & bass."" It'll mean Friction can deliver a more varied style of drum & bass to the scene without eroding the solid reputation he has built for Shogun over the years. The label launches April 15 and dives straight in with a huge EP from the main man himself. Entitled Dare, the Elevate debut is exactly what was expected with Friction dropping some big room, dance floor centred, drum & bass bombs." 42 ISSUE 87 / 2016 DRUM & BASS PLAYLIST Here's the drum and bass on our playlist this month: Wobble by Nature Wobble by Nature Rushin 91 Soul Intent Blindfolded Signal Glimpse SpectraSoul feat. dBridge

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