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7 2016 / ISSUE 87 DRUM & BASS 43 Hey, how are you? Good thanks! Where are you know and what are you up to? Just in the studio finishing up some new music and working on some mixes. Ish Chat 002 in the works! You have set up a new label, Ish Chat Music. What can we expect from it? It's basically a vehicle for our own music. We've always written quite a varied range of D&B, so this gives us a great platform to release regularly and frequently. Why did you decide you start up your own imprint? It was a bit of a snap decision to be honest. After our second album with Shogun we carried on writing, and around October last year found we had a big pot of music. We floated the idea of setting up a label and after a bit of research/ advice from industry friends, realised it was a viable option so just went for it. We really fancied a new challenge and this was the perfect opportunity to try it out. The label bears the same name as a track off your first album 'Ish Chat', why did you decide to use that name? We wanted to to name it something interesting, memorable and somehow affiliated to us. We had a few ideas in the bag but 'Ish Chat Music' was the one that really stood out, so we went with it. Its just an interesting little phrase we used a while back. Hardcore fans will know about it Will Ish Chat be an avenue for your own work, or can we expect releases from other names? For the meantime, just a platform for our own music & collaborations. But who knows what might happen down the line. Never say never... You have been an integral part of the Shogun Audio camp, are you still going to be getting work out with them? We'll be focusing on our label and building that, but we're still part of the extended shogun family. Our studio is still above their office! The first EP is a great piece of work, will we have to wait long for more? One of the main bonuses with the new label is that it allows us to be more spontaneous with our output. We can finish some music one day and (near enough) release it the next! Vinyl lead times mean you have to consider things 3 or more months in advance, however we're toying with some interesting ideas for release methods this year. In short, plans are already afoot for ISHCHAT002, and we'll hopefully look to release at some point in the not too distant future. The tracks, have you been sitting on them for a while? We're always writing music. When it came to putting this EP together we just picked 4 that fit together. We had a big batch to choose from, some of which will make up ISHCHAT002. You mentioned it was the best way to steer the visuals surrounding your sound? Yeah. We've always been really involved in all the visual side of what we do and so it made sense for that to be an integral part of our new venture. We're not giving anyone else the headache of putting up with our weird ideas, and we're taking control of them ourselves. Do you believe the visuals are as important as the music? When they're done right, it can add a whole new dimension to the music. We'll be trying to bring that to the fore in the future... What are you most in love with right now? Farbfilter plug ins, Burger Brothers Burgers, Old Fashioneds, The new AK Paul tune. Anything else we should know? Vinyl and T-shirt bundle are available direct from us on our band camp page. Thanks! " We had a few ideas in the bag but 'Ish Chat Music' was the one that really stood out, so we went with it. " We had a few ideas in the bag but 'Ish Chat Music' was the one that really stood out, so we went with it. Arren Haynes | Guestlist follow @_SpectraSoul_ INTERVIEW: SPECTRASOUL

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