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DRUM & BASS Hey, how are you doing? Calyx - Great thanks, we recently got back from an epic few weeks of touring and we're buzzing about the release of our album and all the events and features we have scheduled around it. TeeBee - I'm a little tired after Snowbombing but otherwise I'm good thanks. How was your tour across the US & Canada? Calyx - It was better than our already high expectations. We had so many amazing gigs, laughs and experiences. TeeBee - It was really good. Amazing shows in every city and overall a great tour. We did the first half of the dates with Delta Heavy & Culture Shock, then added Mefjus for the last half. Any thing funny that happened or a personal highlight? Calyx - We had funny moments on the tour and especially on our few days off in Vegas - sadly for this interview, pacts were made to keep them between us. A relative break from the madness involved getting drunk on 'sex on the beach' cocktails with Mefjus and Teebs up the tallest tower in Las Vegas. TeeBee - It's always great banter and lively on tour. As far as the gig highlights, Calgary was very special. So was Vancouver. You have an album coming April 22nd, 1x1, what was the inspiration for the title? TeeBee - It's read out 'one by one'. It sums up the two of us individually really. Calyx - 1x1 has many meanings for us. Primarily it's about us being two individuals united in what we do, but it's also about how we make music - putting all of our focus and energy into one piece of music at a time, obsessing over it until it single-mindedly. It's your 3rd studio album, how did writing this album go down? Calyx - As always, we went full OCD mode in every aspect of each track over 3 years. We work both together and separately as our studios have identical setups. As time passed the track list evolved from a mountain of tracks down to our final selection. What are you getting up to this summer, any big festivals you're looking forward to? Calyx - Audio River is the festival I'm looking forward to most. TeeBee - Audio River is always amazing, and Tomorrow World. Those are the two I look forward to the most. How did you start working together? Calyx - We were first introduced through Moving Shadow and Rugged Vinyl: two labels that signed our early DnB tracks. The first time I met Teebs was at Rugged Vinyl's office in 1997. TeeBee - We kept in touch and formed a great friendship over time that eventually led to us wanting to work together. We did tracks on and off between our solo stuff before we teamed up full time in 2007. Calyx - After having written 'Follow The Leader', 'Cyclone' and 'The Quest', we had enjoyed the collaborative process so much and had built up so much mutual- respect and felt so like-minded about the sound we aspired to achieve in DnB. Aside from your album what else have you got planned? Calyx - There's a load of exciting album-related events and features around release time, but we never stop producing so it's on to the next tracks and projects. TeeBee - We are always looking ahead at what is next. Some of it is already scheduled in for release after the album. We have other projects going on too, but that is currently under wraps to focus on the album. Calyx - Plus the touring never stops so it'll be a golden period of gigs. The buzz in the air is especially intense at gigs when we've just dropped a new album. What do you like doing when you're not producing or touring? TeeBee - I wish there was time for anything else!!! It takes up every waking or free hour of your day. I love skateboarding and I love skiing. I just don't have time to do any of it. But if I had, I'd be on my board a lot more and I'd spend every winter in the French alps or in Canada. Calyx - Anything that involves fresh air and natural light makes a nice change! If you had a superpower what would it be and why? Calyx - Human flight because A. who doesn't want to fly?! and B. I'd never have to spend time in an airport again. TeeBee - I'd like to be able to stop time so I could get more work done and get some time off! What are you most in love with right now? Calyx - The prospect of submitting all my accounts in a few hours and being free from spreadsheet hell for another year. TeeBee - My son. It just gets stronger with each day. "The unstoppable duo that is Ram's Calyx & TeeBee have just dropped their third studio album. Their third studio album, 1x1 and a touring schedule as long as your arm - this duo are on fire. We had a chat with them both to hear about the album, touring and how music takes over. "I've always been into discovering new artists, sounds and people and helping the upcoming artists" Arren Haynes | Guestlist follow @dannywheeler 45 2016 / ISSUE 87

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