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8 ISSUE 87 / 2016 GUESTLIST When making new connections it is always important to make your mark so we look at 5 ways to leave a lasting impression Some residents in Barnet were left red-faced on the day of the London mayoral elections. On May 20th new regulations came into force that will have a massive impact on smokers. Packages will become standardised, so all brands will have plain dull boxes. Everything will be the same, the colours, the font, the layout - and yes more warnings of the shit these things do to you. Making smoking even less attractive is the new standardised sales of quality. Tailor cigarettes will now only come in packs of 20 or more - so no more packs of 10 for you social smokers out there! Don't think those of you who roll tobacco have go away with, packs will only be available in 30g or more. This new regulation is also phasing in the eradication of flavoured tobaccos and menthol cigarettes which will be fully in force by 2020. Even vaping sticks are being challenged, those that contain over 20mg per ml of nicotine requiring a medicinal license. Advertising, promotion and sponsorship is also being banned on most media platforms and new rules including size limits of e-cigs liquid. Shops will be allowed to sell through the stock that they have, but once it's gone - it's gone. These are some radical new steps in tackling the huge numbers of young people taking up the bad habit every year. Finally! But is it really going to work? Only time can tell - but it certainly has made the habit a lot less attractive and even less affordable. Tobacco should just be banned outright, in terms of the drugs its the most dull, damaging and expensive. Any new steps should be and will be welcomed, just maybe not by those that smoke. Big changes are coming to the sale of tobacco. 5 WAYS TO LEAVE A LASTING IMPRESSION FOLLOW @GUESTLISTDOTNET GET OVER IT BARNET LONDON ELECTION BLUNDER. 1. The handshake, this is the first lesson in the world of business. You can tell alot about a person by their handshake and the person could already have made up their mind after this. The key is a firm grip to say that you are a confident person and not afraid to take control, a limp handshake is worse than no handshake. 2. Making eye contact during a conversation is imperative as it ensures that the other person is listening and that they have taken in the information whilst emphasising everything you are saying. 3. Body Language is fundamentally important to any interaction that you have, and how you present yourself will also show how interested you are in the topic. Whilst sitting down, not slouching and sitting up straight shows that you are listening and assertive, when you are standing using hand gestures and looking approachable also help – Just don't cross your arms! 4. Having a smile is very important and its also infectious much like yawning. Being a pleasure to work with will always be a triumph, even if there is someone else better suited to the role. No one wants to work with a person that is moody and unhappy and by smiling you are showing that you enjoy the topic. 5. Finding common ground (Its not all about business) – The reason we all have friends is that we find that we have common interests and these do not have to be anything to do with the workplace. We all have the one friend who we only talk to about certain things and the conversation doesn't stray too far. If you make a connection like this with someone you are looking to work with you will be able to turn it into a lasting relationship. "A council fuck up left 'entire streets' from the electoral registers, leading to many voters being turned away and told to return later. The incomplete lists had been sent out to all 155 of the boroughs polling stations and wasn't sorted until 10.30. Barnet is the most populated borough in the city, serving 236,196 people and is a key battleground in elections. It's not know exactly how many people this mistake affected and Barnet council hasn't given any indications of numbers turned away. The council also states that only those without their voting cards were turned away - something many say was not true. The Conservatives have claimed that Barnet's 'catastrophic blunders' affected the outcome of the vote after they lost to Labour's Sadiq Kahn." FEATURE HEAVY REGULATIONS HAVE COME INTO FORCE ON THE SALE OF CIGARETTES

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