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GUESTLIST 2016 / ISSUE 87 9 GUESTLIST 1. Stop waiting around. We can waste so much time waiting for the perfect situations to start working projects and ideas. Just act immediately on your good ideas and watch as the everything fall into place. 2. Get out of bed earlier. We all need extra hours in our day, and you know what? They're already there - it's called the morning. Getting up at the dreaded 6am will give us extra key hours in the morning. 3. Take regular breaks. Whether its a 15 coffee break at 10, or an hour break at lunch, actually taking your breaks and getting away from your work will make you more productive. When you return to your work, you'll have a fresh set of eyes and will be ready to hit it hard, also links well with the next tip. 4. Eat and drink properly. If you make sure you are properly hydrated and fed your body will be able to keep running for longer and you'll be able to focus more at the tasks at hand. 5. Surround yourself with positive people. Make sure all those you associate with are busy, positive people. Without realising they will be encouraging you to take yourself to the next level and you'll be doing the same for them. More @guestlist We all wish we could be more productive in our lives. It can be hard to keep yourself motivated sometimes because, you know life's a bitch. But don't threat, we can all be in better situations - we just need to make it happen. Treating creative talents like machines it slowly destroys the fun and positivity that got them into the scene in the first place. This ugly truth was thrown onto social media earlier this week after an extended post from UK dance pioneer DJ Fresh. On the Facebook post, also shared on Twitter, he lays bare the bullshit that the music industry throws at him and no doubt all the rest. Fresh has been as busy as ever, with a revived Bad Company, smashing a top 5 hit with Sigala and has maintained his usual heavy touring schedule. All the while the superstar DJ has been battling thyroid cancer, and it's not the first time. He's never mentioned it before as he says 'I've been told it's a idea to air anything that makes you look unstable in any way". Fresh courageously calls out the http://assets9.capitalxtra. com/2014/15/dj-fresh-press- shot-2014-1397640414-list- handheld-0.jpegindustry's dark and cynical side and thanks those who kept him going, the fans. The post, where he calls the music industry 'brutal and relentless and unforgiving', have inspired so many. People have really connected with what's he said and hopefully it has made a few industry heads sit back and think. Think about the way they too easily forget that artists are people, and how have other things happening in their lives and everything doesn't depend on the cash coming through. Andy C, Stormzy, Friction, MJ Cole, High Contrast and David Zowie are just some of the names who have stood in solidarity with him and offered their well wishes. Thankfully Fresh is in remission now and is ready to smash his upcoming projects. DJ Fresh is an absolute legend, he's taken the music to places where people never thought it would go - whether it was in the underground or the mainstream. We wish Fresh the speediest recovery, he is a don of UK music and long may he continue. The music industry can be a deep and dark place. 5 TIPS GET YOU BEING MORE PRODUCTIVE DJ FRESH CALLS OUT... NATURE OF MUSIC INDUSTRY For parties go to FEATURE

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